Discover High-Wage Jobs For Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

July 4, 2024


  • Sinethemba Phongolo

As one of the world's most welcoming and diverse economies, Canada offers lucrative prospects for temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in Canada across various industries. With booming industries and a growing economy, Canada offers exciting opportunities for qualified newcomers to Canada looking for high-wage jobs. Our guide explores top high-wage sectors for TFWs, from healthcare and engineering to IT and skilled trades.

Are you ready to learn about high-wage jobs for TFWs in Canada? Then, take a look at our exploration of the abundant opportunities available in Canada's high-wage job market for temporary foreign workers.

Top High-Wage Job Sectors For Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

In Canada, temporary foreign workers can find opportunities in various high-wage job sectors aimed at diverse skill sets and qualifications.

Information Technology

One prominent sector is Information Technology (IT), which continues to expand rapidly across the country. With Canada being a hub for technology innovation, skilled foreign workers in IT roles such as software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis are highly sought after. The demand for IT professionals is fueled by established companies and rising startups, offering competitive salaries and opportunities for career advancement.

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Healthcare is another critical sector offering high-paying jobs to temporary foreign workers. Canada's aging population and increasing healthcare needs drive demand for skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators. Foreign workers with specialized medical expertise or experience in healthcare management can find rewarding careers in hospitals, clinics, and public health agencies nationwide.

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Engineering is a key part of Canada's economy, including civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Major infrastructure projects, urban development initiatives, and advancements in renewable energy drive the demand for skilled engineers. Temporary foreign workers with engineering degrees and relevant experience can contribute to these projects, benefiting from competitive salaries and opportunities to work on impactful projects.

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades also offer promising opportunities for temporary foreign workers in Canada. Roles such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and welders are in high demand due to ongoing construction projects and infrastructure maintenance. Foreign workers with trade certifications and experience can find stable employment nationwide in urban centers and remote regions.


Finance rounds out the list of top high-wage job sectors, with opportunities ranging from banking and financial analysis to corporate finance and investment management. Canada's robust financial sector provides numerous job openings for temporary foreign workers with finance, accounting, and financial planning expertise. These roles offer attractive salaries, professional development opportunities, and exposure to various industries.

Top Jobs in Each High-Wage Job Sector For Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

Below are tables outlining some of the top jobs in each high-wage sector for temporary foreign workers in Canada, including their National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes and annual average salaries based on data from Canada's Job Bank.

Information Technology

The IT sector in Canada has the following high-wage jobs.

IT Jobs NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Computer and Information Systems Managers 20012 160,967.66
Software Engineers and Designers 21231 137,206.06
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 21222  115,815.73 
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 21230 110,380.36


The top high-wage jobs for TFWs in healthcare in Canada include the following.

Healthcare Jobs NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
General Practitioners 31102 233,726
Pharmacists 31120 140,501.74
Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists 31112 115,834.43
Registered Nurses 31301 107,319.84


The top high-wage jobs for TFWs in the engineering sector in Canada are outlined below.

Engineering Jobs NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Electrical and Electronics Engineers 21310 123,912.81
Computer Engineers 21311 123,903.72
Civil Engineers 21300 119,590.09
Mechanical Engineers 21301 114,989.98

Skilled Trades

Below are the top high-wage jobs in the skilled trades sector for TFWs.

Skilled Trades NOC Codes Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Electricians 72200 90,331.10
Plumbers 72300 87,686.53 
Carpenters 72310 79,708.00
Welders 72106 74,394.14


Below are the top high-wage jobs for TFWs in the finance sector.

Finance NOC Codes Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Financial Managers 10010 146,891.07
Securities Agents, Investment Dealers and Brokers 11103 122,615.68
Financial Auditors and Accountants 11100 102,189.41
Financial and Investment Analysts 11101 102,189.41

How Can I Find a High Wage Job For Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada?

Canada's high-wage job market attracts skilled temporary foreign workers (TFWs) with the potential for rewarding careers. Here Is a breakdown of key pathways to secure a high-wage TFW position.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is a program that facilitates the entry of foreign workers to fill temporary labor shortages in Canada. To qualify for a TFW job under the TFWP, Canadian employers must demonstrate they have made a good-faith effort to recruit Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the position but have yet to succeed. Your Canadian employers must obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that validates their need to hire you as a TFW. Once approved, they can extend an official job offer to you.

High-Wage Stream

The High-Wage Stream within the TFWP caters to high-skilled positions offering wages at or above the median hourly wage for similar roles. Healthcare, information technology, engineering, and finance occupations often fall under this stream. The high-wage stream benefits from faster IRCC processing times compared to the standard TFWP immigration stream.

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) offers an expedited application process for highly skilled workers in specific in-demand professions. This stream features significantly reduced LMIA and Canada work permit application processing times. Popular professions on the GTS list include software engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) specialists, aligning with Canada's booming tech sector.

Now that you better understand the top high-wage jobs for temporary foreign workers in Canada, you can begin your journey to work in Canada with the guidance of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


What Challenges Might I Face as a TFW Working in Canada?

As a TFW in Canada, you may encounter challenges such as understanding the complex visa application process, adjusting to cultural differences, and dealing with potential language barriers. You may also face uncertainties regarding employment rights and access to essential services like healthcare.

How do I Determine the Prevailing Wage for a High-Wage Position?

Determining the prevailing wage for high-wage positions as a temporary foreign worker involves thorough research and understanding of Canada's specific job market and location. It typically requires consulting reliable sources such as government databases, industry reports, or professional associations to ensure compliance with local labor standards.

Are There Any High-Wage Opportunities in Agriculture For TFWs?

Yes, under specific programs within the TFWP's Agricultural Stream, some jobs requiring specialized skills or operating complex machinery can qualify as high-wage.