Top 5 In-Demand Jobs in Surrey, British Columbia

October 19, 2021


  • Nadine Wolfe

Surrey is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, and it is the second most populated after Vancouver. Surrey is culturally diverse and has a range of in-demand occupations, and we are seeking people just like you to fill these positions and grow our city together. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada and working here, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a look at the top jobs in Surrey, British Columbia.

5 Best In-Demand Jobs in Surrey, British Columbia


5. Health care

Occupations in the healthcare sector are increasing in Canada. Home support workers and home child care workers are in-demand jobs in Surrey. Home care workers provide nursing for senior citizens in the comfort of their homes while home child care workers provide private care for young children. As these jobs are in demand, Canada needs extra hands and is looking for people like you, who seek to move to Canada, to come and work in these positions.

If you have a passion for caring for others, then you should consider immigrating to Surrey, British Columbia, as a home care worker. Canada has created a pathway for you to immigrate as a home care worker, through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot

4. Finance industry


If you are moving to Canada and have experience in the finance sector, then start applying for jobs now! Finance administrators, managers and financial advisers are just a few jobs in Surrey, British Columbia, in this field.

Surrey also offers a healthy salary for these positions:

Average Monthly Salary in Surrey, British Columbia (Canadian dollars)
Financial Manager Financial Administrator Financial Advisor
C$11,799 C$4,106 C$3,905

3. Transport industry


There is a growing demand for workers in the transport industry in Surrey,such as truck drivers, forklift operators, and truck dispatchers, to name a few.

If you have experience in this field and wish to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver, or fill one of the other in-demand positions in this field, then look no further. There is a program for that.

The following immigration programs allow you to strive to make moving to Canada as a truck driver, easier for you:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Express Entry

2. Retail and customer service


There is a booming need for workers in the retail and customer service industry. So, if you are looking to pack up and start a new life in Canada, then take advantage of this demand. Surrey, British Columbia is seeking plenty of call centre agents, sales representatives, restaurant servers, cashiers, and this list goes on. This is the perfect place to start if you want to gain work experience in what could be your new home.

If you meet the criteria to work in Canada, then one of these jobs could be waiting for you.

1. Administration field


At the top of the demand list is administrative work. There is a wide range of administration jobs in Surrey, British Columbia; from office administrators, booking clerks, to claims support assistants. There are a vast number of privately-owned companies as well as governmental institutions that require administrative workers.So, if you have experience in this field, Surrey is the place for you.

So now you know exactly which jobs to target if you are planning on moving to Surrey, British Columbia. But how do you get there? Before you can jet off to Canada, you need to obtain a Canada work permit.

There are two types of Canadian work permits:

  • Open work permit - This allows you to work for any employer in Canada
  • Employer - specific work permit - This allows you to work according to what is stated on your work permit, which includes your employer’s name, the length of your work permit and the location of employment.

So, there’s one more step before you can apply for your work permit. You need to check if you are eligible.

There are a number of requirements you need to meet to be able to apply for a Canadian work permit. In order to apply for a work permit, you must:

  • Prove that you will leave Canada once your work permit has expired
  • Prove that you are able to financially support yourself and your family members while you are staying in Canada and:
  • Prove that you have enough funds to return home
  • Have no criminal history (clear criminal record)
  • Be in good health

Once you have checked your eligibility, you can apply for your work permit.

Because there are many in-demand occupations in Surrey and Canada as a whole, we are seeking to make it easier for people to immigrate and work in Canada. There are over 100 visa and immigration programs that you can apply through if you want to move to Canada.

Three immigration programs you can apply through if you want to live and work in Canada are:

  1. Express Entry
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3. Provincial Nominee Program

Now that you know the top five in-demand jobs in Surrey, British Columbia, let us help you get there by making your immigration journey smoother.