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APR 7, 2021



Before you leave home, the best thing you can do is make sure the city you are choosing is the best option for the work you do. The biggest and most popular city in Canada is the city of Toronto. Situated on the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario, the city and its outlying regions constitute a massive 6.2 million people, which is nearly 17% of Canada’s entire population. So, naturally, there are a lot of employment opportunities in this ever-evolving metropolis.

From unskilled entry-level to highly qualified positions, Toronto is a job seekers paradise with tens of thousands of opportunities. One of the largest tech markets in the world is in Toronto and the number of jobs in the industry rose by over 16% last year alone. Now, if you are an oil and gas engineer, naturally Toronto wouldn’t be your best bet, for that you may want to consider Calgary or the Yukon province. So if you are considering immigrating to Canada and want to move to Toronto, let’s take a look at some of the industries with the most opportunity.

In-Demand Jobs in Ontario



As Canada’s IT industry continues to bloom, demand for professionals in the industry across the board continues to increase. New start-ups are opening every month and there is a lot of work to be had for those willing to seize opportunities. The highest-paying tech jobs in the Toronto area include:
  • Software engineering manager - $110,930 a year
  • Site reliability engineer - $97,887 a year
  • Software architect - $104,451 a year
  • Senior development operations engineer - $94,150 a year
  • Senior software engineer - $93,503 a year
  • IT manager - $90,015 a year
  • Senior java developer - $87,324 a year
  • Senior backend Java developer - $104,415 a year
  • Senior .NET developer - $83,415 a year

Chartered Accountant

A sought-after profession around the world, chartered accountants make an average of $71,134 a year in Toronto. This is slightly higher than the national average due to the higher demand for CA’s in the city. There is also a healthy demand for financial analysts who make an average of $59,611 and financial controllers who earn an average of $86,598 a year in Toronto, Canada.

Trades and Blue Collar Jobs

The demand for blue collar workers continues to climb in Canada. It is an untapped opportunity for young people looking to begin a lucrative career as well as an open market ripe for skilled and trained trades workers looking for something new. Among the in-demand trades jobs in Toronto are:
  • Welders - $46,000
  • Truck drivers - $36,650 to $48,600
  • General labourer - $31,835
  • Heavy duty mechanic - $56,000

Retail Workers

As a sales associate in a retail store, you can earn anything between $38,000 and $50,600 a year. This is very handsome when compared to the rest of the country and there is a lot of opportunities as Toronto has a lot of retail. Merchandisers do very well with salaries beginning at $48,810 and the opportunity to supplement with bonus and profit-sharing incentives.

Immigrating to Toronto, Canada

In-Demand-Jobs-in-Canada-Ontario-Web-Developer There are various immigration programs that you can get permanent residency through, with or without a job offer in Canada. Some of the more popular Canadian immigration programs that could be suitable for you are:

The Express Entry Program

The Express Entry system does not require you to have a job offer in Canada when applying for permanent residency. If you are already working in a managerial, professional, or skilled trade, you may be eligible for one of the following programs managed by this system:
  • Skilled Worker Program - for people who work in professional and managerial roles, post-secondary training is required to be eligible for this category.
  • Skilled Trades Program - trade workers who have completed their apprenticeships and have at least one year of experience working as skilled tradesperson are eligible for this category.
  • Canada Experience Class - if you fall into either of the above categories and have at least one year’s work experience in Canada, you will be eligible for this category.

Provincial Nomination Program

To apply for permanent residency through the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program you will apply directly to the provincial government of Ontario. If you are successful in your application the provincial government will motivate your application for permanent residency to the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada. You can also apply for a provincial nomination via the Express Entry system by creating an Expression of Interest in the province of Ontario. One of the benefits of applying via this immigration program is that provincial governments create immigration streams dedicated to particular labour shortages the province is facing. If your profession falls into one of these streams, it is far more likely you will earn a nomination for permanent residency. The streams under the Ontario PNP are:
  • In-Demand Skills Stream
  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • Masters and PHD Graduate Streams
  • Entrepreneur and Corporate Streams
Keep in mind that Toronto isn’t the only place to land a job in the very populated province of Ontario or the rest of Canada for that matter. Visit our in-demand labor pages to learn more about the various provinces’ labor requirements, after all securing a job offer in Canada is half the battle, the other half is your permanent residency application and the right job offer in the right province could seal that up a lot quicker.

How We Can Help You Immigrate to Canada

In-Demand-Jobs-in-Ontario-Canada Securing a job offer is challenging at the best of times, making sure you choose the correct immigration pathway shouldn’t add to your anxieties. It can be hard to be sure which program is best suited to your needs, and that is when you know what you’re doing! But it doesn't have to be. By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only improve your chances of success in the Canadian visa application process, but you will get expert advice on which program is best for your specific needs. Our RCICs are highly qualified and are granted permission by the Canadian government to assist you with your eligibility evaluation, review all your documents and application forms, and submit them for you. We handle the paperwork while you choose your dream job in Canada. All you have to do is complete our online form by clicking the link below and we’ll take care of the rest. It's just that simple.