How to Immigrate to the Northwest Territories

February 16, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Canada is made up of 13 provinces and territories, some more known about by the rest of the world than others. One of these is the Northwest Territories which is actually just a single region in the country, housing several natural wonders of the north. The local population is made up mostly of descendants from Canada’s first nations which form a critical part of the nation’s history. The diversity in this territory’s communities has given rise to 11 official languages, including the country’s usual French and English.

Canada hopes to welcome over a million foreign nationals into the economy within the next three years. This is to address pressing labour market concerns happening across the country, most especially in less-populated regions such as the Northwest Territories. These provinces and territories are less popular choices for newcomers to Canada which causes in-demand vacancies to grow. Read on to find out how to immigrate to the Northwest Territories through one of many Canadian immigration programs available.  

Living in the Northwest Territories

The largest city center in the Northwest Territories is Yellowknife, where you can witness the northern lights as well as natural wonders such as the Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada. Known for gas, petroleum, and mining, the region has a lot more to offer than this in terms of vacancies in various sectors. You can read more below to find an occupation that suits you under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system. 
National Occupation Classification Category Examples
NOC Category Examples
  • Social Workers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Foundry Workers
  • Transport Truck Drivers
  • Logging & Forestry Labourers
  • Service Station Attendants
The Northwest Territories benefit from the same national perks as other provinces and territories in terms of free basic education and public healthcare. On top of this, smaller communities also tend to be warmer and offer adaptation workshops as well as language classes to help you settle easier. The average yearly salary is around $64, 832 CAD with rent standing at $1, 800 CAD per month for a family home. Getting around has also never been easier with no need for a car - monthly transport passes are only $59 CAD.  

Best Ways to Immigrate

There are more than a few ways that you can immigrate to Canada. These include getting sponsorship from a spouse/common-law partner or family member who is a permanent resident or citizen living in the country or starting work on a temporary work visa for a recognized Canadian employer. However, a few of the most direct ways to immigrate to the Northwest Territories would be to go through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or the Express Entry system’s federal programs. 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was designed to address specific labour market shortages happening on the ground in 11 of the 13 participating provinces and territories across Canada. Each of these has developed its own programs and streams according to labour needs and will continue to update them according to emerging quotas and targets.
Northwest Territories PNP
Program Streams
Employer Driven Program
  • Northwest Territories — Express Entry Stream
  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Critical Impact Worker Stream
Business Immigration Program
  • Business Stream

Express Entry System

Canada's Express Entry system was created in 2015 in order to umbrella the three federal programs which are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. These pathways all take around six months or less to process, making them the most popular routes towards permanent residence.

To get started with your application you will need to create an online profile that details all your skills and qualifications. There is something called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is effectively a set of criteria that is used to award a total number of points to each profile. The profiles are entered into the Express Entry pool from which the highest-scoring candidates are pulled and issued with Invitations to Apply (ITAs) during draws that happen in two-week intervals. CRS Criteria Awards Points For:
  • Age
  • CLB Language proficiency (English and French)
  • Level of Education (In and outside Canada)
  • Work Experience (In and outside Canada)
  • Arranged employment
  • Provincial Nomination achieved
  • Siblings living in Canada as permanent residents/citizens
  • Your spouse’s profile (if married)

Let Us Help You Move to the Northwest Territories

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