How to Immigrate to Manitoba

March 7, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Manitoba is one of the Prairie Provinces of Canada along with Saskatchewan and Alberta. Its capital, Winnipeg, houses over half the population of the province but considering how populated a province such as Ontario is, Manitoba is still in its early of growth. Most of the population are native English-speakers while many newcomers are pleasantly surprised by the amount of diversity to be found in the smaller communities. With so many occupations still in-demand in the province, it’s no wonder so many foreign nationals choose to immigrate to Manitoba specifically.

The Canadian federal government has unveiled plans to welcome over a million internationals into the workforce within the next three years, especially through targeted programs such as those offered by Manitoba immigration. There are plenty of opportunities for unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled workers in the country and our experts can show you exactly how to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada. Here's how it works.  

Why Manitoba?

While Manitoba is not one of the cheapest places to live in Canada, it offers the same high quality of living that the other major provinces do without as steep a price tag. For example, residents can rent a family house in the province for $1, 000 CAD while the average salary ranges between $46, 820 CAD and $69, 503 CAD. Just as in other provinces and territories across Canada, Manitoba offers free basic education and public healthcare as part of the national programs. This means your family is well-taken-care-of in terms of life’s biggest concerns, giving them room to really start over in Manitoba.

At the time of publishing, a monthly transport pass in Manitoba stands at $100 CAD which will allow you to easily commute to work and further out to the province’s natural wonders such as Riding Mountain National Park and Churchill where you can witness polar bears and the Northern Lights.

Immigration Options

There are plenty of immigration options open to you but when it comes to settling in a specific province or territory, there are some that are more direct than others. If none of the following pathways apply to you, you can also build up your eligibility by studying in Canada or beginning experience in a certain occupation through a temporary work permit. Otherwise, there is the Family Sponsorship Class which requires you to have a family member already living as a permanent resident or citizen in Canada (and in this case specifically Manitoba) who is able and willing to sponsor you financially until you can also apply for permanent residence.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was designed to target specific crucial labour market shortages happening in 11 out of Canada’s 13 participating provinces and territories. One of the most direct ways to immigrate to Manitoba is through one of these streams as a general requirement is for the candidate to want to work and settle in their chosen province while meeting a vacancy there.
Manitoba PNP Streams
Province Programs
  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  • Business Investor Stream (formerly MPNP-B)
  • Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative
  • International Education Stream

Express Entry System

The Express Entry system was created in 2015 to fast-track the three federal programs which are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). They are processed in as little as six months and allow workers in skilled and/or qualified positions to immigrate. Applications work through a step-by-step process whereby the candidate creates an online profile which is then measured according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and awarded a total score based on the criteria outlined. The profile is entered into the Express Entry pool and the highest-scoring candidates in the pool are issued with Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence. This happens through a draw system that generally takes place every two weeks. CRS Criteria Awards Points For:
  • Age
  • CLB Language proficiency (English and French)
  • Level of Education (In and outside Canada)
  • Work Experience (In and outside Canada)
  • Arranged employment
  • Provincial Nomination achieved
  • Siblings living in Canada as permanent residents/citizens
  • Your spouse’s profile (if married)

How We Can Help You Immigrate to Manitoba, Canada

We are a group of three Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who have all been through the immigration process ourselves. Our job is to assess your eligibility for the most likely pathway to Canada based on your background and then develop a personalized immigration strategy to help get you permanent residence.

Sign up with our services today in order to get started on your Canadian visa assessment. Seeing as there are over 60 different programs to choose from, why not use a professional to guide your journey? With our help, you will soon be on your way to immigrate to Manitoba or any of the other 13 provinces and territories in Canada.