Top Provinces to Find Jobs in Canada for Accountants

July 25, 2023


  • Sinethemba Phongolo

Are you a qualified foreign accountant looking for accounting jobs in Canada? If so, you will be glad to know accountant jobs in Canada are increasingly in demand. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have made the Canada work permit more accessible to foreign accountings who want to seize accounting job opportunities in Canada.

In answer to the often-asked question of how much accountants make in Canada, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Provinces to find jobs in Canada for accountants. Although an accountant's job salary in Canada mostly depends on your experience, skills, and expertise, we will look at the annual average salary for accountants in each province by analyzing labor information supplied by Canada's Job Bank.

If you’re ready to build a career as an immigrant accountant in Canada, discover how you can do so in one of the top provinces to find jobs in Canada for accountants!

Top 10 Provinces to Find Jobs in Canada for Accountants

The ten best provinces to find jobs in Canada for accountants are as follows:


Saskatchewan, in the heart of Canada, is a province with a thriving economy. Known for its strong agricultural sector, Saskatchewan is also home to numerous mining and manufacturing industries.

As an accountant, you can find job opportunities in various sectors, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

The province boasts a low unemployment rate, making it an attractive destination for accountants seeking career stability and growth career stability and growth.

Saskatchewan workers in accounting can earn an annual average salary of 105, 101.75 according to Canada’s Job Bank.

Yukon Territory

If you want a unique accounting experience, consider the Yukon Territory. Located in the northwestern part of Canada, the Yukon offers a small but vibrant job market for accountants.

With its rich natural resources and booming tourism industry, the territory presents opportunities in sectors such as:

  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Hospitality

The Yukon's picturesque landscapes and tight-knit community make it an appealing destination for those seeking a balance between work and outdoor adventures.

Accounting industry workers in Yukon can earn an annual average salary of 94, 254.91 CAD, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

British Columbia

British Columbia, or BC as it is commonly known, is a province offering diverse accounting job opportunities. With its strong economy and dynamic business environment, BC is a hub for various industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Entertainment

As an accountant in BC, you can enjoy a high standard of living and a mild climate, making it an attractive place to settle down and build your career.

According to Canada’s Job Bank, accountants in British Columbia can earn an annual average wage of 90,091.02 CAD.


Manitoba, located in the heartland of the Canadian nation, has a growing economy and a strong demand for accountants. The province offers a range of job opportunities in sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare

With its affordable cost of living and friendly communities, Manitoba allows accountants to thrive personally and professionally.

Manitoban accountants can earn an annual average salary of 90,134.70 CAD, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick, on Canada’s east coast, is a province with a diverse economy and a growing job market for accountants. With its strong presence in sectors such as:

  • Information technology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

New Brunswick offers ample opportunities for accountants to find meaningful and rewarding careers.

The province's vibrant culture, beautiful coastline, and affordable cost of living make it an appealing destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Based on Canada’s Job Bank data, New Brunswick accountants can earn an annual average salary of 80,467.05 CAD.

Northwest Territories

For adventurous accountants looking for unique opportunities, the Northwest Territories is worth considering. Located in Canada's northern region, this sparsely populated territory offers a range of accounting jobs in sectors such as:

  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Government Administration

The Northwest Territories present a chance to work in remote locations and experience the stunning beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

In the Northwest Territories, according to Canada’s Job Bank, workers in accounting can earn an annual average salary of 132,272.96 CAD.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, located on Canada's east coast, is a province known for its strong maritime heritage and growing economy. With its diverse industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Information technology

Nova Scotia offers numerous opportunities for accountants.

The province's stunning landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and friendly communities make it an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life.

Acounting workers in Nova Scotia can earn an annual average salary of 84, 928.14 CAD according to Canada’s Jobs Bank.


Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, is a major economic powerhouse. With its bustling cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario offers accountants a wide range of job opportunities.

The province has numerous multinational corporations, financial institutions, and government organizations. As an accountant in Ontario, you can expect competitive salaries and a dynamic work environment.

Workers in Ontario who work as accountants can earn an annual average salary of 97, 801.25 CAD, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

Prince Edward Island

Known for its picturesque landscapes and friendly communities, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a province that offers a unique accounting experience. With its strong presence in agriculture, tourism, and renewable energy sectors, PEI provides accountants with diverse job opportunities.

The province's small size and close-knit community create a supportive environment for professionals looking to make a meaningful impact.

According to Canada’s Job Bank, workers in accounting in Prince Edward Island can earn an annual average salary of 88,413.22 CAD.


Quebec, Canada's French-speaking province, offers a distinct cultural experience and a thriving job market for accountants. The province's most thriving industries are:

  • Aerospace
  • Technology
  • Finance

Quebec provides numerous opportunities for accounting professionals.

The province's vibrant cities, such as Montreal and Quebec City, have a rich history and unique blend of European and North American influences, making them exciting places to live and work in Quebec, Canada.

Accountants in Montreal can earn an annual average salary of 94,739.97 CAD, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

How to Work in Canada as an Accountant?

Canada offers various programs and pathways for skilled professionals to obtain Canada work permits and gain valuable international experience.

Work Permits

To work in Canada as an accountant requires a work permit. Several types of work permits are available, depending on your situation and the duration of your intended stay. The two types of work permits are: 

  • Open work permit
    • Grant the recipient the right to work for any employer in Canada for a specific period and change jobs at any time.
  • Employer-specific work permit
    • Enables the prospective immigrant holder to work for a sole Canadian employer for a certain period at a single location.

The most suitable work permits for accountants include:

Temporary Foreign Work Permit Program

The Temporary Foreign Work Permit Program (TFWP) allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers to fill temporary positions that Canadian citizens or permanent residents cannot fill. To apply for a work permit under this program, you will need a job offer from a Canadian employer and a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

TFWP streams that eligible foreign accounts can use to work in Canada include:

International Mobility Program

The International Mobility Programs (IMP) allow individuals to work in Canada without the need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). These programs are designed to facilitate the entry of foreign workers who will bring significant economic, cultural, or social benefits to Canada. Foreign accountants whose countries have a trade agreement with the Canadian government are eligible to use the IMP to work in Canada.

Examples of IMP streams that eligible foreign accountants can use includes:

IEC Young Professionals

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young professionals to gain valuable work experience in Canada. As an accountant, you may be eligible to participate in the IEC Young Professionals category, which allows you to work for a Canadian employer in a skilled position for up to 24 months. To be eligible for this program, you must be in your early 20s to 30s and have a post-secondary diploma, certificate, or degree.

Steps to Find Work as an Accountant in Canada

Follow these four steps outlined in the video below to find work as an accountant in Canada.

Here is a general list of the steps to follow when looking for a job in Canada.

  • Step 1: Check if You're Eligible
  • Step 2: Research Accounting Job Posts in Canada
  • Step 3: Write a Canadian Style CV/Resume
  • Step 4: Gather Supporting Qualification Documents and Apply

What You Need to Land a Job in Canada

Before applying for accounting jobs in Canada, gather all the necessary supporting qualification documents, such as:

  • Educational credentials- including an undergraduate degree and academic prerequisites
  • Professional certifications- including CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) and Common Final Examinations (CFE)
  • Reference letters providing proof of practical experience

Ensure that your documents are valid and recognized by the relevant regulatory bodies in Canada, including the:

Submit your applications to potential employers, following their specified application process.

Why Work as an Accountant in Canada?

Among the top reasons why you should move to Canada as an accountant include:

High Earnings Potential

Working as an accountant in Canada can be financially rewarding. Accountants in Canada earn competitive salaries, with the average annual salary ranging from 59 039,42 CAD to 160 444,17 CAD, according to Canada’s Job Bank. The high earnings potential allows accountants to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and financial stability.

Opportunities to Work in Varied Industries

One of the significant advantages of working as an accountant in Canada is the opportunity to work in diverse industries. Accountants are in demand across sectors such as:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Government administration

This versatility allows accountants to gain valuable experience in different fields and opens doors to various career opportunities.

Purpose-Driven Work

Accounting plays a crucial role in supporting businesses' financial health and success. As an accountant, you have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of organizations.

The work accountants do also has the potential to accelerate access to healthcare, investigate financial crimes, serve non-profit organization's goals, and and provide solutions for sustainable business development and environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

By providing accurate financial information and strategic advice, accountants help businesses make informed decisions and achieve their goals. This purpose-driven work can be fulfilling and rewarding for professionals in the accounting field.

High demand for Accountants

Accountants are in high demand in Canada due to the country's strong economy and business growth. As businesses expand and evolve, the need for skilled accountants to manage financial operations and ensure compliance with regulations continues to grow.

This high demand translates into a favorable job market for accountants, with a range of opportunities available across the country in both large urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver to growing towns like Langford and Saint-Apollinaire.

Career Development and Growth Potential

Working as an accountant in Canada offers excellent career development and growth potential. Accountants can pursue various certifications and upskilling courses to enhance their knowledge and marketability.

Designations such as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) are highly valued in the accounting profession and can significantly boost career prospects. Additionally, accountants can explore managerial roles and consultancy positions or even start their accounting firms.

Canada offers abundant opportunities for accountants seeking employment. The top provinces mentioned in this article provide diverse job markets and vibrant communities for professionals to thrive.


What are the Major Employers for Accounting Jobs in Canada?

Major employers for accounting jobs in Canada include financial institutions, accounting firms, government agencies, and businesses across various industries. Some notable employers include the "Big Four" accounting firms:

Furthermore, major banks like Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) and multinational corporations in sectors such as technology and manufacturing are constantly in need of accounting services.

What Certifications and Upskilling Courses Can Help Me Increase My Chances of Landing an Accounting Job in Canada?

Obtaining relevant certifications and upskilling through courses can significantly enhance your chances of landing an accounting job in Canada. The Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation is highly respected and recognized in accounting. Other certifications that can boost your credentials include:

Upskilling courses in taxation, auditing, financial analysis, and technology can further enhance your knowledge and make you a competitive candidate in the job market.