Top 10 Free Job Posting Sites in Canada

July 10, 2023


  • Sinethemba Phongolo

Anyone looking to start or boost their career has most likely thought of doing so in Canada. And it is no surprise Canada has a progressive, forward-thinking government and a low population growth rate.

This presents a great opportunity for foreign immigrants looking to work in Canada. The proliferation of free job posting sites in Canada has made the process of how to find a job in Canada more accessible. Job sites in Canada are as old as the internet and a group of popular free job posting sites makes finding jobs in Canada for foreigners far more accessible.

Free job posting sites, in Canada are a resource for any foreign immigrant worker who has either obtained or applied for a Canada work permit with the intent to work in Canada. Therefore you must learn how to apply for jobs in Canada as a foreigner.

Discover and learn more about the top 10 free job posting sites in Canada and how you can use them to find work in Canada!

Top 10 Canadian Free Job Posting Sites

Finding the right candidates for your job openings can be daunting. However, with the rise of online job posting sites, the process has become much easier and more efficient. Several free job posting sites in Canada can help you reach more potential applicants. Here are the top 10 Canadian free job posting sites.

Job Bank Canada

Job Bank Canada is a government-run job board that offers free job postings for employers nationwide. With its extensive database of job seekers and user-friendly interface, Job Bank Canada is a great platform to attract top talent. Employers can create an account, post job ads, and manage applications anywhere.

Potential foreign workers can know what kind of wages they can expect, the prospects for finding a job in Canada and the extensive requirements for their field of interest.

Indeed Canada

Indeed Canada is one of the country's most popular job search engines. It provides a platform for employers to post jobs for free and reach millions of job seekers. Indeed Canada also offers paid options to boost job postings and increase visibility. With its user-friendly interface and advanced search filters, Indeed Canada is a valuable tool for any hiring process.

By focusing specifically on Canada on this international job site, candidates will find many job opportunities in virtually every sector. Remember, the bigger the pool, the more fish. Naturally, competition is more fierce.


Glassdoor is a job posting site and a valuable resource for employers and job seekers. Employers can post jobs for free and benefit from the platform's extensive company reviews and salary information. Glassdoor lets you showcase your company culture and attract candidates who align with your values.

Like IndeedCanada, Glassdoor is one of the world's biggest international free job posting sites. As a result, this site has hundreds of thousands of opportunities for jobs in Canada for foreigners.


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, making it an ideal platform for recruiting top talent. Employers can post job ads for free on LinkedIn and reach a vast network of professionals. LinkedIn also offers paid options to promote your job postings and gain more visibility. With its powerful search filters and networking capabilities, LinkedIn is a must-use platform for any hiring process.

LinkedIn also provides networking and recruitment opportunities. Hunting for positions within your field in Canada is simple enough, but simply set the parameters and see what is on offer. The benefit of LinkedIn is that nearly all Canadian companies have a presence.

Monster Canada

Monster Canada is a leading job board in the country, offering free job postings for employers. With its wide reach and diverse pool of job seekers, Monster Canada can help you find the right candidates for your job openings. The platform also provides additional features like resume database access and targeted email campaigns to enhance your hiring process. is a popular job search website in Canada that allows employers to post jobs for free. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of job categories. also provides useful resources and career advice for both employers and job seekers, making it a valuable platform in the hiring process.


Jobboom is a bilingual job board that caters to the Canadian job market. Employers can post jobs for free and target a specific region or industry. Jobboom also offers services like resume database access and employer branding opportunities to optimize your hiring process. With its strong presence in Quebec, Jobboom is particularly useful for employers looking to hire there.


Eluta is a job search engine specializing in finding Canadian jobs. Employers can post jobs for free on Eluta and reach a targeted audience of job seekers. The platform also offers features like company reviews and salary information, guiding you toward the right Canadian job opportunities.

What makes different from other job posting sites is that it is a search engine that combines all jobs a company posts. This makes searching easier. Companies can also sponsor their post, putting the advertisement above all the organic posts.


CanadaJobs is a comprehensive job board allowing employers to post free jobs. With its wide range of job categories and user-friendly interface, CanadaJobs is a valuable platform to expand your reach and find qualified candidates.

The platform also offers features like resume database access and email alerts to streamline your hiring process. This exclusively Canadian job board boasts over 127,000 job opportunities. All candidates need to do is enter their profession, where they want to live and start hunting!


Workopolis provides job services to Canadians in both French and English. The company was founded in 1999 and has for over 15 years worked towards connecting millions of eligible Canadian job seekers with their dream job.

Workopolis commits itself to ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities by removing, identifying and preventing the barriers that interfere with their ability to gain access to goods and services advertised by Workopolis.

This online job portal also ensures that every customer receives equal treatment regarding access to the provision of the company's goods and services, without discrimination, and they receive the accommodation they require.

How to Find a Job in Canada as a Foreigner

Finding a job in Canada as a foreigner can be challenging, but it is possible to land your dream job with the right strategies as outlined in the video below.

How to Work in Canada as a Foreigner

Once you have secured a job in Canada, you will need to navigate the process of obtaining a work permit. Here is an overview of the different work permit options available:

Work Permits

Work permits are required for most foreign workers in Canada. Work permits come in primarily two types which include the following:

  • Open work permit
    • This allows the recipient to work for any Canadian employer of their choice anywhere in Canada for a specified period.
  • Employer-specific work permit
    • This enables the recipient to work for the sole Canadian employer they received their job offer from in a specific location and time.

There are several types of work permits, including:

Temporary Foreign Work Permit (TFWP)

This permit is for individuals with a job offer from a Canadian employer and meet the requirements. The employer may need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire a foreign worker. Certain job opportunities do not require an LMIA.

Find out more about how you can work in Canada.

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

The PGWP is for international students who have graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are educational institutions approved by the Canadian government to enroll foreign students. Canadian provinces or territories in Canada have the authority to designate schools at the post-secondary level that can host international students. International students must meet the following criteria to apply for an open work permit through the PGWP:

  • The graduate must have completed an eligible school's academic, vocational, or professional training program. The study program needs to lead to a diploma, degree or honors;
  • They will need to be a full-time student;
  • The graduate will need a transcript and an official letter from the DLI as proof that they have met all requirements of the specific program; and
  • The graduate must have a valid study permit.

The graduates' open permit will be valid for between eight months to three years. The validity depends on how long their study program was.

The Canadian work experience they will gain is an important factor in immigration. This is because foreign nationals with a PGWP can eventually apply for Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which falls under the Express Entry system.

To obtain an employer-specific permit, foreigners can apply through work visa programs such as the Global Talent Stream and the Caregivers Stream.

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) was designed to speed up the timeline of hiring foreign workers to fill certain occupations when no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available to fill the roles. Through the GTS foreign skilled workers can receive their work permit within two weeks.

The GTS helps the economy's growth by ensuring that Canada’s businesses have the workforce they need while ensuring that Canadians and permanent residents have first preference for job opportunities.

Two categories of employers are available in the GTS. They are:

  • Category A
    • This is for Canadian employers referred to the GTS by one of the participating designated partner organizations. Skilled workers hired for this category needs to have a postgraduate degree or around five5 years of experience.
  • Category B
    • This is for in-demand occupations where skilled foreign workers are hired who earn a salary equal to or more than the wage average for a certain position.

International Experience Canada (IEC) Working Holiday Program:

International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young individuals from certain countries to work and travel in Canada for up to 24 months. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to gain international work experience.

Research the specific requirements for each work permit option and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Consult the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for detailed information and instructions on how to apply for a work permit.

Why Work in Canada?

Opportunities at all Work Skill Levels

Canada offers many opportunities for individuals at all skill levels. Whether you are a skilled professional or seeking entry-level positions, ample job openings exist across various industries. The Canadian job market is known for its inclusivity and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds.

Competitive, High Salaries

One key factor that makes working in Canada appealing is competitive salaries. Canadian businesses understand the importance of attracting top talent and offer salaries that align with the cost of living. This ensures that employees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while working in Canada.

Employment Benefits

Additionally, Canada provides employment benefits to workers, especially if they have obtained Canadian permanent residency. These benefits include healthcare coverage, paid vacations, parental leave, and retirement savings plans, contributing to a higher quality of life for employees and their families.

Affordable Living Costs

Canada boasts affordable living costs compared to developed countries like the United States. Housing, education, and healthcare expenses are relatively lower, ensuring workers can afford a higher standard of living. This factor, combined with the high salaries, makes Canada an attractive destination for job seekers.

Find out more about Canada’s comparatively low living costs compared to the United States (US).


What are the Most Important Factors in Securing a Job in Canada?

Securing a job in Canada requires careful planning and understanding of the job market. Here are some of the most important factors to consider as covered in this 4-step process to finding a job in Canada.

What are the In-demand Jobs in Canada?

The top ten in-demand jobs in Canada in 2023 can be listed as follows:

  • Delivery Drivers
  • Registered Nurse
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Educators
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Supply Chain & Procurement Specialists
  • Security Analysts
  • Pharmacist
  • Labourer

Here is a video breaking down the above mentioned top ten most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2023.