Top 10 Management Jobs in Canada

FEB 9, 2021



Managers within a wide range of industries are in-demand in Canada. From construction managers to managers in healthcare -  there is a large gap in the Canadian job market that needs to be filled. The best part is that you don’t need a ridiculous amount of work experience to work in Canada as a manager.   In this blog, we reveal the top 10 management jobs in Canada in 2020 as well as the best ways how you can work in Canada in one of these in-demand positions! 

3 Reasons to Work in Canada as a Manager

Marketing manager

1. Job Opportunities

Skilled workers from overseas are readily employed by Canadian companies. The reason for this is largely due to the country’s aging population. Most workers in management positions are retiring faster than they can be replaced. The majority of managerial jobs in Canada can be found in major cities such as Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Toronto. 

2. Job Satisfaction

Enjoying a well balanced work-life and earning a competitive salary are just a few of the many reasons why thousands of Canadians say that they are happy and satisfied at their place of work, according to a Monster Canada survey. There’s no doubt that being a manager in Canada has its perks - a higher salary, more vacation time, and increased prestige and recognition from higher management.  

3. Higher Quality Life

Canada always features in the top countries for a high quality of life. It’s liveable cities, a safe environment, clean water, and air quality, a beautiful natural environment, free healthcare and education attract newcomers each and every year. Today, Canada is a proudly multicultural nation that aims to welcome 1-million skilled workers from all over the world by 2022. Find out how you can be one of them below! 

Top 10 Management Jobs in Canada

Construction manager Canada relies heavily on skills transferability. That means your knowledge, skills, and experience as a manager is very much valued and will increase your chances of finding a job in Canada. Here are the top 10 in-demand management jobs in Canada as listed on the provincial government’s websites.
Top 10 Management Jobs in Canada Average Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
1. Human Resource Manager $78, 613
2. Marketing Manager $50, 000
3. Business Manager $85, 000
4. Construction Manager $85, 000
5. Financial Manager $99, 953
6. Computer and Information Systems Manager $97, 190
7. Managers in Healthcare $108, 837
8. Managers in Agriculture $41, 952
9. Manufacturing Managers $80, 000
10. Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers $64, 000

3 Ways to Work in Canada as a Manager

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1) The fastest option

Workers from overseas with managerial work experience of at least 1-year could immigrate to Canada in as little as 6-months through the Express Entry immigration system.  What’s it all about? The Express Entry is an immigration system that ranks candidates based on the competitiveness of their online profiles. This means if you have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 430 and higher -  you could receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency during one of the routine draw rounds, sooner rather than later. Check below if you meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program - an immigration program managed by the Express Entry system:
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
Eligibility Requirement Description
Work Experience One year within the last 10 years
Language Skills Excellent English or French language proficiency
Job Offer Not required but can increase your CRS points
Education Minimum of a high school diploma or higher
Provincial Nomination (see #3) Not required but can increase your CRS points

2) The employer support option

If you find a job in Canada or get a company transfer, you can easily apply for a work permit that will allow you to work in Canada for a few months with the possibility of extension depending on your employment contract.  Bonus: Working in a managerial job in Canada will open the doors to many more exciting immigration options and increase your CRS points. 

3) The provincial support option

Canada’s 13 provinces and territories have the ability to nominate workers from overseas who possess skills that are in-demand in their respective regions. If you receive a provincial nomination as an Express Entry candidate, you’ll increase your CRS score with a whopping 600 additional points! Alternatively, you can apply directly to a provincial nomination program such as the British-Columbia Tech Pilot if you are an IT-manager.   You can increase your chances of achieving a provincial nomination if you have: 
  • In-demand management skills;
  • Previous work experience in the province;
  • Family that lives in the province;
  • Arranged employment in the province.

Work in Canada with MDC

young-beautiful-asian-woman-celebrating-after-applying-for-her-Canadian-visa If you are ready to work in Canada, we can help you through the entire process. MDC is a certified visa and immigration agency that knows what it takes to have a successful visa application! Our team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) is authorized by the government of Canada to handle your visa application on your behalf. Our services include:
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