How to Earn Permanent Residency in Canada as a Sales Representative

APR 1, 2021



According to the Financial Post, sales representatives are the fifth-hardest job to fill in Canada. Careers in sales are becoming less and less popular amongst young Canadians which makes life for businesses a lot harder. However, this creates opportunities for foreign sales reps to work in Canada and fill in-demand job positions. The best part about working as a sales representative is without a doubt your commission-based salary, which allows you to determine your own earnings. Depending on your budget and commission structure, sales reps in Canada can make anything from  $43, 870 - $74, 580 annually, leading to a high quality and comfortable life. Real estate agents can make up to $100,000 a year in Canada! A career in sales requires commitment, a passion for people, and hard work that pays off.  Sales representatives can earn permanent residency in Canada by satisfying all of the eligibility requirements and applying them to the appropriate immigration program. Learn more below. 

What’s Your National Occupation Classification (NOC) Code?

Creative workers presenting a sales pitch In Canada, occupations are divided into different skill types and given unique codes known as National Occupations Classification (NOC) codes. Knowing your NOC code will help you determine for which skilled worker immigration programs you qualify. See the table below:

NOC Code
Job Title Skill Type NOC Code
Corporate Sales Manager O - Management Jobs 0601
Real Estate Agents and Salespersons B - Technical/Trade Jobs 6232
Financial Sales Representatives B - Technical/Trade Jobs 6235
Technical Sales Specialists - wholesale B - Technical/Trade Jobs 6221
Retail Salespersons C - Intermediate Jobs 6421

Paths to Permanent Residency for Sales Representatives in Canada

Skill Type 0 - Managerial Job Experience

If you’re a corporate manager in sales you’ll likely qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program managed by the Express Entry System. Express Entry is one of the fastest ways to earn permanent residency as a skilled worker in Canada because application processing times can take as little as 6 months! If that’s not good enough news, you’ll be happy to know that corporate sales managers can make up to $80, 700 annually in Canada! Minimum Requirements:
  • Exceptional English or French language skills; 
  • 1-year + of work experience in a managerial role; and
  • Secondary or postsecondary education

Skill Type B - Technical/Trade Job Experience

Real estate agent showing a house to potential buyers If you're a sales rep, real estate agent, or any other associated worker you’ll likely qualify for the Federal Skilled Trades Worker Immigration Program which is also managed by the Express Entry System. Express Entry is one of the fastest ways to earn permanent residency as a sales representative. You may also be considered for the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program (above) if you meet the minimum requirements.  Having a job offer can increase your chances of immigrating to Canada.  Minimum Requirements:
  • Good English or French language skills; 
  • 2-years + of work experience in a qualifying sales position; and
  • A job offer from a Canadian employer OR a certificate of qualification issued by a Canadian authority. 

Skill Type C - Intermediate Job Experience

Cashier man If you work in the retail industry for example in supermarkets, department stores, chain stores, specialty stores, variety stores, franchise stores, online merchants, or door-to-door sales, you may qualify for a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Each province in Canada has its own PNPs with in-demand jobs. If a province is specifically looking for retail salespersons, you can apply to the relevant PNP for permanent residency.  For example, the province of British Columbia has listed retail salespersons under their Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Immigration Category. Find out what you need to qualify for a provincial nomination below.  Minimum Requirements:


  • Work in British Columbia for a minimum of  9-months with a work permit;
  • Receive a full-time job offer in retail from a Canadian employer;
  • Good English and French language skills; and
  • Have enough settlement funds.

How to Improve Your Chances for Permanent Residency as a Sales Representative or Other

1. Complete a Language Test

Being able to communicate effectively is highly important to perform your job in sales and bring in that commission. Your future employer and the Canadian authorities need to know that your English or French language abilities are up to standard. In order to prove that, you need to complete an IELTS or TEF language test. 

2. Find a Sales Job in Canada

A job offer is not mandatory for all immigration programs, however Canadian immigration works on a point-based system which means that having a job lined up can improve your chances of earning permanent residency as a salesperson. Learn how to apply for jobs in Canada here. 

3. Get Professional Assistance

Canadian immigration is complex with more than 70 immigration and visa programs available through which you can apply to immigrate to Canada. Each program has its own set of requirements, deadlines, and mandatory documents as well as the application procedures. Hiring the professional services of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will make the entire process easier, faster, and more successful. How Can We Help You? MDC is a renowned immigration and visa agency situated in Vancouver, Canada with three RCICs. We can help you identify your best path to Canada, as well as take care of the entire application process on your behalf. It’s what we do best. All you have to do is fill in the form below and complete an online evaluation to get started on your Canadian journey!