Express Entry Draw Number 145 and 146

April 12, 2021


  • Reuben Walter

On 27 April and 1 May 2020, Canada held it’s 145th and 146th Express Entry draws respectively, inviting 3,900 applicants to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The first draw invited all applicants with a provincial nomination. A total of 589 candidates with a provincial nomination, which is worth 600 points on your Comprehensive Rankings Score (CRS), were sent invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residency. The cutoff CRS score for this draw was 692 points, which means only 92 points came from the Human Capital Category out of a possible 600! What this comes down to is that if you can secure a provincial nomination, you are just about guaranteed an invitation to apply for permanent residency. The much larger second draw focused on the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), one of three Express Entry programs. 3,311 CEC Express Entry applicants were issued ITA’s with the cut-off CRS score being the lowest for the category so far in 2020, at 452 points.

Counting these latest Express Entry draws, this brings the total number of ITA’s issued to 34,300 for 2020. This is higher than any year since the inception of the program in 2015. It is remarkable that the IRCC has maintained its course to invite 85,800 skilled and qualified immigrants to immigrate to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic when so many other countries have been forced to shut down government and immigration services. Let’s take a closer look at the Canadian Experience Class program, the requirements and why it may be the smartest path to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class Program

Express Entry Canadian Experience Class What makes the Canadian Experience Class category of the Express Entry program different is that applicants must have at least 1 years of work experience in Canada within the last three years. The work can be in a part-time position, but must then equal one years’ full-time work experience. Furthermore:
  • The position must fall within the NOC 0, A or B (Managerial jobs, professional jobs and technical jobs or skilled trades);
  • You must be able to prove you met or currently meet the requirements of the positions as specified;
  • There is no Education requirement, however, you can increase your CRS score by attending a post-secondary school in Canada or having your foreign credentials assessed;
  • You must score a minimum of 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark tests for NOC 0, A or a 5 for NOC B positions; and
  • You must be admissible to Canada.
So, if you already have work experience in Canada, you can apply to Express Entry under the CEC and you will have a good chance of being issued an invitation to apply for permanent residency. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada but think you would like to work there for a while before applying for permanent residency, this may be a viable path for you. You will, however, need to obtain a valid job offer and a work permit before making your way to Canada.

How to Enter the Express Entry Draw

To be eligible for an ITA, you must first create an online profile. You will need to choose the CEC program as your preference to be entered into a different pool of applicants than for the other two immigration streams in the Express Entry program. You will fill in all your information, crucially where you have earned your Canadian work experience and how long you have worked in Canada, and a CRS score will be calculated as you are entered into the pool of applicants. Draws are held every two weeks on average and the higher your CRS score, the better your chance of receiving an ITA. Remember, receiving an ITA is not the same as receiving your certificate of permanent residency (COPR). You will still need to complete a number of forms and submit all necessary supporting documentation for the information you provided on your profile. It is very important that the information you provide on your Express Entry profile is accurate and represents your skills and experience as effectively as possible.

What We Do at MDC

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