6 Great Part Time Jobs For New Arrivals in Canada

March 19, 2021


  • Reuben Walter

Working less than 30 hours a week in any particular occupation is considered to be a part time job in Canada. There are professionals who work less than 30 hours a week in permanent roles, who make a very good income. This has resulted in Canada having a very high number of people in the workforce who are considered part time workers, one in five to be specific. The cost of living can become high when you first arrive in Canada, and you may find your savings running out quite quickly while you work on your studies securing that dream job. So earning an extra $2000 - $3000 working a few hours a day will go a long way in keeping you happy and comfortable.

Popular Part Time Jobs in Canada

Part-time-Jobs-in-Canada-Dog-Walker If you’re a student, working a part-time job is great for your resume, especially if it’s in the same field you’re training in. If you’re job hunting, a part time job shows potential employers you’re already capable and able of meeting the basic responsibilities a job entails and gives them a reference they can check with in Canada.

Rideshare Driver

Uber, taxi, there are numerous options. Canadians, more and more, are opting to use rideshare services, it is cost effective for them and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they are able to use the time they would otherwise spend concentrating on driving, performing other tasks. The good news is that it creates thousands more jobs, and if you consider an average of $25.88 a good hourly wage (which we do) and the ability to set your own hours a benefit, this is the part time job for you.

Retail Salesperson

If you love fashion, department stores and great deals a part time job in retail may be just what you’re looking for. Retail salespeople earn around $14 an hour, get a lot of benefits, such as employee discounts and can often pick up shifts that work best for their personal schedules.

Nail Technician

You will need to have some training/experience to secure a part time job as a nail technician, but it’s worth it and a great way to earn extra income. The average wage is $16.40 an hour and you get to work in a fun environment with happy and friendly people.


If you’re good at lending a sympathetic ear for people's troubles and slinging drinks, bartending is where it’s at for you. Canadians tip generously and even more so when they’ve indulged in a little ale or spirits. Base wage is typically $14 an hour, but you’ll take home much more than that on a busy night.


The bigger the bill, the bigger the tip! Eating out in Canada is fairly expensive. The average cost of a meal in a nice restaurant is around $35, so fifteen to twenty percent of a table of four including drinks can be quite lucrative. On slow nights you’ll have an average base wage of $13 an hour at least and a meal to take home.

Dog Walker

We honestly don’t understand how this is even a job. You get to hang out with happy smiling dogs for an hour and get paid for it!?. Sign us up. Canadains love their dogs, but we’re also busy, or lazy. Dog walking jobs in Canada pay an average of $16 an hour per dog and can walk up to three or four dogs at a time. Doing private one-on-one walks can earn you up to $28 an hour if you’re worried about being overwhelmed.

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