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Have any family or close relatives living in Canada? This makes it very easy to immigrate to Canada with a Family Sponsorship Visa

What is the Family Sponsorship Visa?

If you have family members or close relatives who currently hold permanent residency status in Canada, the Family Sponsorship Visa allows them to extend a formal invite that significantly increases your chances of securing permanent residence in the country. 

This allows them to sponsor a spouse, children, parents and grandparents, as long as the person in Canada is over the age of 18 and has the financial means to support whoever it is that he/she intends to bring into the country. 

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You merely have to over the age of 18 and by the financial means to support those you wish to sponsor.

It is not possible to sponsor someone to Canada if you are not currently residing in Canada as a permanent resident.

Yes, you can sponsor your partner through the Common-Law Partner Visa granted that you have lived together for a period exceeding 1 year and that you are in an ongoing relationship.

It can take as long as 12 months to get your application approved for a Family Sponsorship Visa.


You can sponsor as many of your family members who are eligible and who you have the financial means to support in Canada.