What Makes Canada a Great Place to Live?

February 9, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Immigrating to a new country can be daunting, particularly if you feel like you will not be embraced or accepted and even worse, discriminated against. If you are thinking about moving to Canada, you can rest assured that the most welcoming, most culturally diverse country in the world, and there is no room for discrimination. Canada embraces multiculturalism at its core, and it’s immigration policies are an essential component of its success.

Canada’s Stance on Immigration


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It’s important to note that not only does Canada embrace immigrants, but Canada also NEEDS immigrants. It is in fact, the second-largest country in the world, but it has a very sparse population. This means that they do not have enough people in their country to supply the labour force with a sufficient amount of skilled workers. To combat this problem, Canada turned to immigration through the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. These programs fast-track the applications of foreign nationals who are seeking to live and work in Canada if they possess the necessary skills, education and work experience to fill a gap in the labour market.

Quality of Life for Immigrants in Canada


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Many people who move to Canada from other countries are doing so to tap into the superb quality of life that Canada has to offer. Where employment prospects are concerned, Canada has just announced that 80,000 positions will need to be filled in the next few months, so there is not a shortage of jobs. In addition, Canada boasts an attractive minimum hourly wage of 11 dollars an hour, which is a lot more than many other countries pay its citizens. This means that not only do immigrants have access to a wealth of job opportunities when moving to Canada but that they will also be remunerated fairly for the work they do.

Another component that adds to the quality of life in Canada is government-subsidized healthcare and education. For those with kids, this is even better news. Residents of Canada who are under the age of 25 have access to free healthcare. This includes prescription and over the counter medication. Schooling is also free for all children right through secondary school. Canada is home to four of the top 20 universities in the world, so furthering your education in Canada means having access to world-class tertiary education institutions.

Multiculturalism in Canada



Canada does not only talk a big game when it comes to embracing people from all cultures, from every corner of the globe but actually represents these people in tangible policies of multiculturalism. In fact, Canada actually has a Multiculturalism day on June 27th. In addition, minorities are represented in Canada’s cabinet too, accounting for almost 20 percent. In addition, they hold key positions within the cabinet. For instance, the minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship is a Somali-born, Muslim man by the name of Ahmed Hussen. This means that immigrants can rest assured that the people who make the important decisions about their experience in Canada have the necessary context, experience and empathy to develop and implement policies relating to immigration.

How We Can Help You

Now that you know Canada is so accepting of immigrants, making the move is a big step. Our qualified RCIC’s understand what a monumental decision this is and will use their expertise to ensure you are represented in the best way during the entire application process. Take the first step in the direction of living your Canadian dream today!