The Latest Express Entry Draw News

April 7, 2021


  • Reuben Walter

Great news again this week from the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada as yet another 3,900 principle applicants and their families have been invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry Program, making their Canadian immigration dream come true. This positive news comes on the back of the USA’s massive announcement that they will be halting all immigration for the remainder of 2020. It is a clear signal that Canada is dedicated to maintaining their positive immigration policy as unlike the USA, we are still very proud to promote the role that immigrants have played and continue to play in the positive growth of our economy and the strength of our country. Draw #153, which took place on the 23rd of June 2020 saw 392 applicants with provincial nominations issued invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent residency. Once you receive your ITA, all you have to do is submit the required documents that back up your Express Entry profile and application and you will be awarded permanent residency status. Following the trend from the past couple of months, Draw #154 was from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), as sub-category of the Express Entry Program reserved for applicants who have at least one year of experience working in Canada. CEC applicants are typically given preference over others as they have proven their ability to successfully integrate into Canadian society. This draw saw 3,508 CEC applicants issued ITA’s for permanent residency in Canada. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) required also continued to drop as the pool of applicants grows smaller with every draw. The cutoff CRS was 431, which when you consider the amount of points on offer in the CRS system, is incredibly low.

Express Entry

Express-Entry-Permanent-Residency-in-Canada-for-Dependents The Express Entry System is an immigration stream that was created in 2015 with the goal of fast tracking the immigration process for skilled and experienced foreigners who wish to immigrate to and settle in Canada permanently. To be eligible for Express Entry you must fall into one of the following categories:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experience Class
If you meet the requirements of one of the above programs, you may be eligible for Express Entry and must create an Express Entry profile. You will be required to enter all your information pertaining to your age, educational qualifications, experience, language ability, skills transferability, background information and the same for your spouse or common law partner if you have one. If you are applying as a couple one of you will be the principal applicant and the other the dependent. All these factors will be tallied to determine your CRS score.

Boosting Your Comprehensive Ranking Score

We mentioned how easy it is to reach 431 points on your CRS, consider these basics anyone has below and see how quickly you measure up and exceed this draws cutoff score:
      • Age: 100 points if you're between the ages of 20-29. Take off five points for every year over 29.
      • Level of education: 28 points just for having a high school diploma. 84 points if you studied a trade. 112 points if you have a bachelor's degree. 126 points if you have a masters degree.
      • Official Languages: earn up to 32 points based on your English or French skills.
      • Canadian Work Experience: 35 points if you have at least one year of Canadian work experience and up to 70 points for five years of work experience in Canada.
      • A valid job offer: landing in a new country is always better when you have a steady income, 50-200 points.
      • Skill Transferability: earn up to and additional 50 points if you score a 9 on your Canadian Language benchmark and have a bachelor's degree.
You’ve probably already exceeded the minimum score on the last draw already, but let’s look at further ways to boost your score even higher and put you at the top of the Express Entry pool
  • If you have a sibling who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada: 15 Points
  • Score 7 or higher on the NCLC French Language skills test: 15-30 Points
  • If you have a post secondary qualification from a Canadian institution: 15-30 Points
  • Have or Get a valid job offer: 50-200 Points
  • Obtain a provincial or territorial nomination through the PNP: 600 Points
As you can see, the best way to guarantee an invitation is to earn a provincial nomination. You can do this by creating an expression of interest in the province you want to live and work in through your Express Entry profile. However, each province has their own particular labour requirements and applying to the right province based on your skills and qualifications is key to securing a provincial nomination. That’s where we come in

What We Do at MDC

Permanent Residency in Canada via Express Entry Program Navigating the Canadian immigration and visa system can be a bit of a chore. There are copious amounts of forms to complete, documents to submit and strict submission dates. We wouldn’t blame you for being slow to take off with your application. That's what we’re here for. MDC is an all inclusive immigration and visa service, we take the stress and hassle out of the application process. Our accredited RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) are ready to evaluate your eligibility, review all documentation and submit your application and supporting documents on your behalf. Using an RCIC not only gives you the best possible chance of receiving an ITA but will make the entire process simple and stress-free. An eligibility evaluation will help find which provinces are in need of your skills and which immigration programs will be suited to your unique profile.