Nova Scotia Immigration Draw Invites Auditors and Accountants!

April 21, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

In the latest Labour Market Priorities Stream draw, Express Entry applicants who are auditors and accountants were prioritized. Those who scored between 400 to 600 points on their CRS score were given Invitations to Apply (ITAs) on 24 January, 2019. Those who have work experience in these two occupations were given preference in the draw. The Labour Market Priorities Stream (LMPS) was launched in 2018 to help the province of Nova Scotia find applicants that it needs in its labour market. The stream finds potential applicants from the Express Entry pool who have both the right occupation and work experience to qualify. When it finds the right candidates, it can send applicants an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in the province.

Work Experience Needed to Apply

As an auditor or accountant you needed to have at least five years of work experience to have been considered in the latest draw.

Scores Needed to Apply

In the latest Nova Scotia immigration draw, you needed a score of at least 400 to be considered for the LMPS draw. Scores are broken down through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) where all applicants in the Express Entry pool are ranked according to the following factors.
  • Age;
  • Education qualifications;
  • Work experience; and
  • Language ability
Applicants can score up to a total of 1,200 on the CRS. In the latest draw, applicants only needed 400 and upwards to apply. In the most recent Express Entry draw, applicants needed to score at least 443 in order to qualify!

Provincial Nominee Streams Give Applicants a Chance at Canada

For those who are unable to qualify in the latest Express Entry rounds, programs like the LMPS give applicants the chance to apply and be nominated by the province for permanent residency. Receiving a Provincial Nomination gives any applicant an additional 600 points on their CRS score. This almost guarantees that they will be invited to apply as a permanent resident in the future.

Who Could Apply in the Latest Draw?

Applicants in the Express Entry pool that were chosen for the latest LMPS had to at least meet the following basic requirements:
  • Have either a Bachelor's degree or completed a program lasting at least three years at a:
    • University;
    • Technical school; or
    • Trade school
  • Have scored a 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark for reading, speaking, listening and writing for French or English; and
  • Have a list of references from former employers to show that you have five years of relevant work experience

Jobs that were Considered in the Latest Nova Scotia Immigration Draw

All applicants who have a National Occupational Classification of 1111 could apply for the Labour Market Priorities Stream.
Here is a list of the job titles that are considered to be NOC 1111.
Accountant Departmental accountant Production accountant
Accountant controller Division controller – accounting Project accountant
Accountants supervisor Field auditor – finances Property accountant
Accounting controller Financial accountant Public accountant
Analyst accountant Financial auditor Public accountants chief
Assistant controller Financial control officer Public accountants supervisor
Audit unit head General accountant Reinsurance analyst
Auditor – finance Income tax adjuster, Sales auditor – finances
Auditor-CA Income tax adviser Senior accounting analyst
Auditor-chartered accountant Income tax consultant Senior cost accountant
Auditors supervisor Income tax expert Senior intern auditor
Bank branch accountant Income tax investigator Tax accountant
Bank reserves auditor Income tax specialist CA (chartered accountant) student
Bankruptcy trustee Industrial accountant Intermediate accountant
Budget accountant Industrial auditor Tax adviser
Certified general accountant (CGA) Internal audit project manager Tax analyst
Certified management accountant (CMA) Internal audit supervisor – finances Tax auditor
Chartered accountant (CA) Internal auditor Tax consultant
Chartered accountant (CA) student Internal auditor – finances Tax evaluator
Chartered professional accountant, certified general accountant (CPA, CGA) Internal auditors supervisor – finances Tax examiner
Chartered professional accountant, certified management accountant (CPA, CMA) Machine processing accountant Tax expert
Chartered professional accountant, chartered accountant (CPA, CA) Management accountant Tax specialist
Chief accountant Management accounting chief Taxation rulings officer
Claims accountant Manufacturing accountant  
Computer audit specialist Plant accountant  
Cost accountant Plant controller  
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