Immigration Matters - Immigrate to Canada as a Cook

March 19, 2021


  • Reuben Walter

Thirty four years ago, a young cook from Sweden arrived on Prince Edward Island (PEI), bringing with him a range of skills that would open the palates of the Canadians who already lived on the island province to new and exciting flavors. Chef Hans Anderegg is now one of the best chefs in Canada and a long time instructor at the Holland College’s Culinary Institute on PEI.

One of the biggest shortages in Canada, and on Prince Edward Island, is cooks. If you have the qualification and/or experience, you will not have a hard time finding a job as a cook in Canada. Canadians are not closed minded people who visit the same burger joints week in and week out, as Chef Anderegg’s experience shows, we love variety, different flavours and dishes from cultures all over the world.

When Chef Anderegg arrived on PEI, the restaurant scene was made up of fish and chips, club sandwiches and roast beef dinners. He introduced an entire province to schnitzel, cordon bleu and bon femme. So, we are looking at you, aspiring chef. Bring your experience to Canada, introduce new flavours to communities and earn permanent residency in Canada in the process.

How to Find a Job as a Cook in Canada

Because of the shortage of skilled cooks, most restaurants and other institutions that require full time cooks (such as old age homes, mining company canteens and so on) already have their Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) in place to be able to hire foreign workers, and some provinces don’t even require a LMIA. Start by investigating and applying for jobs on Canadian job boards like Indeed, Canada Job Bank and CanadaJobs. There are two immigration programs we would recommend for a foreign cook who has a job offer in Canada.

Provincial Nomination Program

Chefs and cooks are in-demand in nearly every province in Canada, and nearly all Provincial Nomination Programs make provision for cooks through one of their immigration streams. If you know which province you want to live in, you will need to apply for a provincial nomination from that province. This may require you to have a job offer. Chefs who have a formal education in the culinary arts are also eligible for the Skilled Trades Program under the Express Entry System. You can apply for permanent residency without a job offer and could be successful in as little as six months through this program, especially if you have a provincial nomination.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The province Chef Anderegg made his home, Prince Edward Island, just happens to be one of the four participating provinces in this immigration program. The other provinces included in the pilot are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador. These four provinces make up what is known as Atlantic Canada, and the program was created with the intention of bringing the benefits of economic migration to the area.

You see, most immigrants gravitate towards the major cities like Vancouver and Toronto, leaving an untapped resource of job opportunities and permanent residency spots in less populated areas. To become a permanent resident of Canada through the AIP, all you require is a job offer as a cook in one of the four provinces mentioned above, or to graduate from a culinary school in Atlantic Canada.

If you don’t have a qualification as a cook, you could always do the two year program offered at Holland College’s Culinary Institute and graduate with a job offer waiting and a starting salary of around $31,200 a year. Complete the red seal program at one of the province's fine culinary schools and you will be able to work anywhere in Canada without further testing or certification. The great thing about studying to become a cook in Canada is that you will earn a salary during your 600 hour paid internship that will take place over the course of your studies. They will help pay for your cost of living and studies, but you must also ensure you can meet the minimum financial requirements for a study permit or you won’t be eligible.

Immigrate to Canada as a Cook

There has never been a better time to obtain permanent residence as a training or qualified cook. Thanks to immigration programs like the AIP, the average age in provinces is decreasing for the first time in over 50 years. Over 75% of foreigners who settled on PEI since 1980 have been economic immigrants, only 12% were sponsored by family and 12% were refugees.

The AIP is only one example of regions and communities looking to take advantage of the benefits of economic migrations. For example the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot allows communities to advertise in-demand occupations in their towns and cities, which are open to foreign workers.

Being a cook allows you to better yourself every day, to create something new, or different and have the satisfaction of seeing your work be enjoyed. If you choose to immigrate to Canada as a cook, you can live in the most beautiful country in the world, with one of the most marketable skills in that country.

How MDC Can Help You

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