Got Family in Canada? Join them with a Family Sponsorship Visa

February 9, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

If you have family members who are in Canada and you would like to move there to join them, the Family Sponsorship Visa might just be what you are looking for. The Family Sponsorship visa allows you to apply for permanent residence in Canada on the basis that your relatives will be able to support you financially until you can find your feet.

Who is Eligible?

People who have immediate relatives who are permanent residents of Canada can apply through Family Sponsorship. In addition, your relative needs to prove that they possess the financial means to cover all your expenses in Canada. If your relative has Canadian permanent residency, but currently works or lives in another country, they cannot apply for Family Sponsorship, this also applies to relatives of yours who are in Canada on any sort of temporary basis for work or study purposes.

The Benefits of Moving to Canada


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Free Healthcare and Education

Moving to Canada with Family Sponsorship means having instant access to government-subsidized healthcare and education. For citizens under the age of 25, healthcare coverage includes over the counter and prescription medication. Free education extends all the way through to secondary school. In addition, Canada has some world-class tertiary institutions so moving to Canada means you will be in the proximity of, and have access to the best quality institutions.

Job Opportunities

Canada has recently put forth the opportunity for people to fill around 80,000 jobs in the labour market. Immigration is one of the ways Canada looks to combat its shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers in the country. In addition, Canada has a very attractive minimum wage at 11 dollars an hour. This is in the top ten highest minimum wages in the world, which is one of the biggest drawing factors for people to move to Canada.

A Tolerant and Welcoming Society

Canada is home to many immigrants from all across the globe. For this reason, it has cultivated a society that is not only tolerant of foreign nationals but actually embraces their diversity. In cities like Toronto, immigrants make up as much as 40 percent of the population. For people who are thinking of moving to Canada, it is reassuring knowing that they will not be discriminated against in Canadian society purely on the basis of being an immigrant.

How We Can Help You to Join Your Family in Canada


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Having an immediate relative is the first step to moving to Canada through the Family Sponsorship. What you need to do after establishing your eligibility is where we come in. With the help of our accredited RCIC’s at MDC, they can walk you through the entire application process. Start your journey to Canada with us today!