Express Entry Round-Up

February 9, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Latest Express Entry Statistics


A total of 7,200 invitations to apply have been issued in the two Express Entry draws that took place in August. The two draws took place within 8 days from each other. The first that happened on August 12, issued 3,600 Invitations to Apply (ITA’s) to candidates in the Express Entry pool. The lowest Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) in the pool of candidates was 466. In the second draw on August 20, 3,600 ITA’s were issued once again. However, the lowest CRS score dropped by 9 points from 466 to 457. This is the lowest cut-off score in 2019 since the first Express Entry Draw that took place on the first of May, which had a cut-off score of 450.

What is the Express Entry Program?


The Express Entry Program was established by the Canadian government in January 2015 to address the issue they have with regards to their sparse population. Canada is the second-largest country in the world, but they simply do not have a population big enough to supply their labour force with enough skilled workers. So to deal with this, the Canadian government turned to immigration through the Express Entry Program. Through this program, candidates who meet the requirements that can fulfil the needs of the labour market get their visa application fast-tracked. Express Entry could get you to Canada in as little as 6 months!

Who Qualifies for the Express Entry Program?


The Express Entry program might be the most popular route of applying for permanent residence in Canada, but not everyone is eligible to apply. It’s important to note that the eligibility criteria are subject to change and might differ depending on the specific province you are moving to as well as your individual application. However, there exists a general list of criteria that includes but is not limited to your level of education, age, occupation and your level of experience in your designated profession, your language proficiency in both English and French as well as your ability to adapt to life in Canada. These criteria are then ranked on what is called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). How well you fare in these categories determines your CRS score. You are then placed in an Express Entry pool with other candidates. The candidates with the highest CRS scores receive an Invitation to Apply.

What if my CRS Score is Not High Enough?


There are many candidates who are faced with disappointment when they don’t receive an ITA because their CRS score is simply not high enough. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your Comprehensive Ranking System score so you have a better chance in a future Express Entry draw. These things include retaking your language tests, gaining more experience in your field and going back to school or even better, furthering your education in Canada. The benefit of the Express Entry profile is that you can go back and edit it at any time to add new skills or update existing information.

How We Can Help


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