COVID-19: Not The Biggest Epidemic Canada Has Faced And Conquered

February 9, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

COVID-19 also known as the novel CoronaVirus has swept the world, forcing dozens of countries to impose strict measures especially pertaining to travel. The virus, having originated in Wuhan, China, has naturally affected countries that have a high volume of international transistors. These countries include but are not limited to the USA, Canada and the majority of western European countries. One by one countries have imposed severe travel restrictions and after monitoring the situation carefully over the past couple of months, Canada has unfortunately had to close it’s borders temporarily to foreign travellers. There are a number of exceptions to this but for now, tourism in Canada, as is the case for the rest of the world, is on hold. What this means for those looking to immigrate though is not as dire, with visa and immigration applications continuing to be accepted and special measures even being put in place for countries severely affected by the virus. It should be worth considering that this may be the ideal time to begin your immigration application, as most people wait in fear for the situation to be resolved, application submissions numbers have declined. Applying now could see you approved in a shorter space of time. Keep in mind that the application process takes a minimum of six months, and where will Canada be at that point? We can try to predict this by looking at how they have handled similar situations in the past.
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Has Canada dealt with this before?

CoronaVirus-COVID-19-Canada-Visa   In 2009 a novel influenza virus H1N1 also known as the Swine Flu swept the globe. Roughly ten percent of Canada’s population was infected. At present the CoronaVirus has infected only 0.001% of the population. Much like the novel CoronaVirus, a large percentage of those infected did not show any symptoms as their own immune systems were strong enough to fight the disease. Regardless, the Canadian government sprang into action placing travel restrictions on high risk countries. Further, Canadian scientists were a massive part of developing the vaccine and understanding the outbreak as they completed the first full genetic sequencing of the H1N1 swine flu virus. The Swine flu had a mortality rate of 0.02% worldwide, Canada’s mortality rate was 0.01%. The current mortality rate for the novel CoronaVirus is at 3.6% worldwide, comparatively Canada’s mortality rate is at 0.5%. It is clear that the Canadian free public healthcare system is highly effective at treating infected persons and looking after it’s residents and citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

CoronaVirus-COVID-19-Stats   I have already been approved, but I cannot travel, what should I do? If your country has placed restrictions on travel and you are unable to leave for Canada, make sure you inform immigration immediately. As soon as you are able to travel, inform the IRCC as your landing interview will be conducted telephonically and must be arranged. I have applied for temporary or permanent residence, what is going to happen to my application? If your application cannot be completed due to restrictions surrounding the CoronaVirus, do not fear, your application will not be refused. An additional 90 days is being granted to applicants and no application will be denied during these times due to a lack of supporting documentation. Biometrics has also been extended to 90 days as opposed to the regular 30 days. I want to apply for Express Entry, but can’t provide all my supporting documents If you receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system, but are currently unable to furnish the required supporting documentation, you must write a letter explaining why and your application will be put on hold temporarily. This means you can still apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system at this time, even if you cannot obtain the required supporting documentation such as a doctors examination or police certificate. I need a Visitors Visa, Work Permit or Study Permit urgently Given that Canada has closed its borders to foreigners temporarily, it is highly advised that you contact your local Canadian embassy to find out if you would be eligible to enter the country at this time. If you are from China, Iran or South Korea there are special measures put in place to assist urgent travellers.

Start the Canadian Immigration Process

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