Top 3 Cities to Start A Business in Canada

March 10, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Wondering where the best place to start your business might be? Starting a business in Canada through Canada business immigration may be your best bet but identifying the perfect city for your start-up might be challenging. There are a few factors to consider before you start the Canadian business immigration process and invest in your venture. The location is important and identifying where to build a business depends on the industry that you’re in. Canada’s provinces have the potential to offer immigrants a stable and safe place to invest in.  

Getting a business off the ground can be challenging and if you don’t know where to start, so, let us fill you in on the top cities in Canada for business start-ups.    

Squamish, British Columbia

The liveability ranking of this little city situated north of Vancouver easily beats other cities on a national level. The city was ranked 49th out of 415 other towns and cities in Canada. When it comes to business opportunities, Squamish was nominated 10th in Canada for the Independent Business’ annual Entrepreneurial Communities index and the best city in British Columbia for entrepreneurs. The low commercial property taxes in Squamish rests at 1,2% and this largely plays a role in attracting business owners. The community in Squamish is supportive of the businesses in the city and they pride themselves to be an environmentally friendly community that focuses on clean energy and preserving the green space that surrounds them.

The city is also in close proximity to other major cities. The environment is calm and the outdoors is beautifully surrounded by magnificent mountains making the small town popular among young families. The median income for families is about $88, 366 CAD and along with the low cost of living, high-quality education, and healthcare services, immigrants choose to relocate to Squamish and continues to grow the city. They anticipate growth in the next ten years from 21, 000 to 30, 000 people through Canada's business immigration.

The average income contributes to this growth extensively, which rests at $46, 507CAD and the unemployment rate stands at 4.3%. British Columbia is home to many immigrants due to the career opportunities and high demand for labour. The province has two Investor Visa options, the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and the Regional Pilot Program. Both options have a unique set of criteria you will have to meet in order to start a business in Canada. With the guidance and help from Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), you can apply stress-free!  

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital city in Alberta. The oil, tech, and manufacturing industries dominate the province. These industries offer many job opportunities. The city has an organization that was set up specifically to support start-up businesses. The population growth is boosted by the start-up culture in Edmonton, which is currently home to about 961,016 people.

Edmonton is known to be one of the most entrepreneurial cities with a thriving local business environment attracting an annualized population growth of 2,95%. Entrepreneurs have the convenience of community hubs and entrepreneurial come-together events to develop, connect and help each other. The average household income is among the highest nationally at $102,954 CAD. The pharmaceutical, technological, real estate, and gaming industries in Edmonton are affluent and increased the number of immigrants in the city by 50% since 2017.

Local businesses in Edmonton grow and develop smoothly due to the active and supportive environment. Additionally, the Canada business immigration process to settle in Edmonton is simplified by the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Immigrants have doubled in the city since the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was implemented. The program helps and guides skilled immigrants and links them to qualified jobs sooner. There is one Entrepreneurial option available in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program which is the Self Employed Farmer Stream. The farmlands and diverse landscapes in Alberta are perfect for livestock and crop production. The province is the second-largest agricultural producer in Canada! If you are considering this option, get in touch with an RCIC to find out more.

Waterloo, Ontario

If you are considering a technological company, Waterloo is the best location. Waterloo is in Southwestern Ontario. The city is known to be the third most affordable place to live in Canada. Waterloo is recognized as one of Canada’s diverse ethnic hubs with rich culture and high-quality education. Starting a business can have some financial problems but investing in a new business in Waterloo comes with more perks than strains.

The area is a savvy financial choice with the support of capital funding and the availability of technological talent from the universities in the city. The universities in the city accommodate the cities need for talented tech professionals. Manufacturing powerful technology for the future is the progress the city strives for. The manufacturing industry in Waterloo has increased its activity by nearly 50% compared to three years ago. The commercial property tax in Waterloo is low and affordable.

More than half of the population in the province are qualified, making it the most educated population in the world. 68% of adults have a post-secondary education. Starting a business in Waterloo includes many of these benefits, and Ontario has a lot more to offer. Get in touch with an RCIC if you are considering starting the Canada Business Immigration process to move to Ontario. To start a business in Waterloo you will have two options to choose from the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream or the Ontario Corporate Stream.  

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