6 Reasons to Work in Canada as an Au Pair

MAR 19, 2021



Do you want to work in Canada as an Au pair? The good news is that Au pairing is a very popular job in Canada and many Canadian families choose to hire foreign nationals and give them the unique opportunity to share their country and their lives. In fact, Au pairs are high in-demand in the Great North, so much so that the government created a special immigration program which gives au-pairs the amazing option of settling permanently in the country!

Not sure if Canada is the right place for your Au pairing venture? Let’s change your mind. In this blog, we uncover 6 incredible reasons to work in Canada as an Au pair!

6 Reasons to Work in Canada as an Au Pair

6 Reasons to work in Canada as an Au pair infographic

1. Explore Canada

Girl standing on a cliff in Banff national park One of the biggest reasons people choose to work abroad as an Au pair is to explore a new country and all its splendor. It’s about seeing new things, it’s about doing things you’ve never done before and it’s about making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Unlike other countries, Canada is uniquely diverse. Moving from one province to another will feel like you’ve entered a whole different country! You won’t ever run out of things to do and see in big, beautiful Canada.  Canada has the perfect balance between trendy, urban life, and the great outdoors to satisfy every type of wanderlust. From the incredible nightlife scene, hip markets, and ethnically diverse restaurants, 48 national parks which will leave you awestruck with their natural beauty to spotting a moose in your backyard - not a day will go by without a collection of amazing memories.
Top Things to Do and See in Canada
Visit Niagara Falls Watch the Northern Lights Visit the Canadian Rockies
Ski at Whistler Hike in one of the 48 National Parks Canoe on Lake Louise
Camp in Banff National Park Party in Montreal Watch a Hockey Match
Ice Skate on a Frozen Lake Take a Picture at the CN Tower in Toronto Visit Museums and Art Galleries
Experience Canadian Wildlife Go to a Festival Eat Poutine in Quebec

2. Earn Decent Wages

Girl at a concert sitting on someone's shoulders A great benefit of working as an au pair is that your meals and accommodation are usually paid for by your host family. This means the weekly wages you earn can be spent on things you enjoy or it can be saved! Au pairs are typically paid minimum wage. However, you’ll be happy to know that Canada has a high minimum wage of approximately $15 an hour! This varies slightly from province to province.  Depending on their contractual agreement with their host families, Au pairs typically earn around $235-$290 a week in Canada.   Costs for your room and meals are deducted from your weekly wages or pocket money. In Ontario, for example, these are calculated at $85.25. So,  if you work 30 hours a week, you will receive $420 - $85.25 = $334.75 per week. In addition, there are further costs that the host family may deduct from your pocket money - for health insurance and income tax. 

3. Gain International Work Experiences

Two young girls in an interview Canadian work experience is an impressive addition to any resume. In fact, working abroad is a surefire way to improve soft skills that hiring managers look for in good candidates. Experienced Au pairs usually acquire these important soft skills:   
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Openness to feedback
  • Adaptability
  • Active listening
  • Work ethic
  • Ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds
Bonus: Canada also gives preference to foreign nationals who have gained work experience in the country when it comes to obtaining a visa and applying for permanent residency! 

4. Get a Canadian Qualification

beautiful smiling female student holding textbooks | study in Canada Au pairs who work in Canada take the opportunity to level-up their education at the same time. Canada has a premium selection of post-secondary institutions with many affordable study programs.  If you’re lucky, your host family may even agree to sponsor your studies in Canada, whether you want to improve your language proficiency in either English or French (Canada’s two national languages) or earn a qualification in education, child development, or an entirely different field of study.  Important:  Au pairs can permanently move to Canada by applying through the Home Child Care Immigration Pilot. However, you do require post-secondary education. If you don’t have post-secondary education, you will need to obtain a post-secondary qualification of at least 1-year in Canada before you can qualify for this immigration pathway. 

5. Enjoy a Rich Cultural Experience

Students hanging out Canada is a proud multicultural country which means you’ll enjoy a rich cultural experience when you work in Canada as an Au pair. Canada is home to thousands of foreign nationals from places like India, China, Dubai, Saudi-Arabia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America, and the UK.  Living in a new country is fantastic for your personal growth. By interacting with your host family and the children you care for you will become more aware of global differences and use it to your advantage during cross-cultural engagements.  Meeting new people, and forming friendships will expose you to new traditions, nuances, and cuisines like Poutine. The best of all is that Canadians are ranked as some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world!  It won’t be long before you add an ‘eh?’ to the end of your sentences. 

6. Move to Canada Permanently

Au Pair in Canada We’ve previously discussed how you can immigrate to Canada as an Au pair through the Home Child Care Immigration Pilot. The application process is unique. You essentially apply for a work permit and a permanent residency visa at the same time. Your work permit will be issued first so that you can work in Canada as an Au pair. It’s only when you have met all of the requirements of the immigration pilot that your application for permanent residency will be processed.     

How Can We Help You?

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If you want to work in Canada as an Au pair, we are the professionals who can help make it happen. Simply, fill in the form below to start your eligibility evaluation with one of our friendly consultants.