5 Reasons to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

5 Reasons to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

AUG 19, 2022



Other than the rich history between these two countries, the Great White North has made immigrating from Australia to Canada fairly simple. With over 100 immigration programs and visas to choose from, you can find the ideal immigration option with ease.

In this article, we highlight the best life-changing reasons to immigrate from Australia to Canada, as well as the most preferred immigration programs in Canada.

1. Canada has a High Quality of Life

According to Numbeo, Canada ranks “very high” for an improved, high quality quality of life. The data below represents Canada’s current quality of life:

Quality of Life Factors   Percentage      Ranking
Purchasing Power Index    97.19       High
Safety Index    56.29       Moderate
Health Care Index    70.74       High
Climate Index    55.34       Moderate
Cost of Living Index    69.51       Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio    9.09       Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index    33.52       Low
Pollution Index    28.91       Low
Quality of Life Index:   161.69       Very High

Remember, Canada was the only country that kept its immigration quota open while the rest of the world shut its doors during a global pandemic. This may be one of the major contributing factors that explains how the Great North has managed to keep its head afloat while other countries were, and still are battling. Canada’s welcoming open arms towards foreign nationals contributed tremendously to the Canadian economy.

But what about Australia? According to Numbeo, below we give you a breakdown of Australia’s current quality of life:
Quality of Life Factors Percentage  Ranking
Purchasing Power Index    115.51     Very High
Safety Index    55.02     Moderate
Health Care Index    77.95     High
Climate Index    93.90     Very High
Cost of Living Index    73.29     High
Property Price to Income Ratio    5.67     Low
Traffic Commute Time Index    34.69     Low
Pollution Index    24.12     Low
Quality of Life Index:   189.77    Very High

As you can see, like Canada, Australia have been doing well, scoring “very high” when it comes to quality of life. While different countries score differently on certain factors, we can conclude that both Canada and Australia are functioning at an all-time healthy level, promising their citizens a prosperous future.

2. Canada has Travel Safe Destinations for Immigrants

Canada is a multi-dimensional country with spectacular natural beauty of glacious mountains, rich forestry and lucious lakes. According to the Global Peace Index, Canada is the sixth safest country in the world.

With a low crime rate and a well responsive police force, Canada offers its citizens the necessary safety and security they need. The country also boasts a wealth of cities ideal for international students, along with its Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) that offer affordable, quality education.

You can enjoy an abundance of scholarships and sponsorships while having the necessary support structures and resources in place to help you succeed in your education.

You may ask: what are the crime levels like in Canada vs Australia?

As per the data on Numbeo, we show you the the various levels of crime in Canada, along with its ratings:

  • Safety walking alone during daylight: 75.06 (High)
  • Safety walking alone during night: 48.90 (Moderate)
Below is an in-Depth Analysis of the Crime Rates in Canada:
Crime Concerns     Percentage   Ranking
Level of crime     47.30     Moderate
Increased crime rate in the past three years     68.47     High
Concerns of homes being broken in and things being stolen     40.52     Moderate
Concerns about robbery or being mugged     35.92     Low
Concerns about stolen cars     35.08     Low
Concerns about things being stolen from cars     49.38     Moderate
Concerns about being attacked     37.05     Low
Concerns about discriminatory attacks due to skin color, ethnicity, gender or religion     25.58     Low
Drug dealing and drug usage     62.00     High
Property crimes such as vandalism and theft     53.12     Moderate
Violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery     41.09     Moderate
Corruption and bribery     36.67     Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index:     189.77     Very High

While Canada’s crime level is currently 47.30, hitting a moderate level, Australia’s crime level, according to Numbeo, is at an all-time low of 23.54. Below is Australia’s current crime rating:

  • Safety walking alone during daylight: 85.51 (High)
  • Safety walking alone during night: 67.67 (Moderate)

Bear in mind that different countries will score moderate to high in different aspects since all countries have their own unique challenges - this will influence and cause a natural fluctuation in the various social and economic factors.

3. Cost of Living in Canada vs Australia:

As per Numbeo, below is the comparison between the two countries:

Consumer Prices In Australia vs Canada
Consumer Prices in Australia are 5.39% higher than in Canada (excluding rent)
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Australia are 4.24% higher than in Canada
Rent Prices in Australia are 1.74% higher than in Canada
Restaurant Prices in Australia are 1.32% lower than in Canada
Groceries Prices in Australia are 7.93% higher than in Canada
Local Purchasing Power in Australia is 19.41% higher than in Canada

As you can see by the above table, consumer prices in Australia are generally more than consumer prices in Canada. Not only is a decent cost of living good for international students looking to live and work in Canada; but it also promises individuals settling in Canada a long-term sustainable future.

  • Cost of Living for one person in Australia: $1963
  • Cost of Living for one person in Canada: $1764

Source: LivingCost.org

4.Canada Boast a Forward Thinking Educational System

International students seeking to live and work in Canada will have the longest end of the stick when it comes to education. The Great North offers a wealth of sponsorships and learnerships which only adds to the reasons you should immigrate from Australia to Canada.

What sets Canada aside from other countries is the fact that the country offers free education. In fact, according to EduCanada, the Canadian public school system offers free education to all students and requires high school students to attend until age 16 or 18. Private Canadian schools, however, will require attendance fees.

Canada’s educational system beats the odds since students are guaranteed a successful career and occupation upon completion of their studies. Students settling in Canada can look forward to a myriad of job vacancies available after studies - and young professionals will be filling the worker to retiree ratio in no time.

5. The Canadian Economy is Booming

The fact that the Canadian economy is still thriving, speaks volumes of the social and economic stability of the country.

According to Trading Economics, we gain some insight into the unemployment rate in Canada.

Current Unemployment Rate in Canada:

Source: Job Vacancy and Wage Survey 

If we look closely, we see that after January 2022, there will be an all- time low rate which fell from 5.5% in February, to 5.3% in March 2022. In July 2021, there was a steep rise of just under 8% with a whopping decline in October 2021 of 6.7%.

January 2022 calls for a strong recovery in the Canadian economy since the drop in unemployment rates are consistent, leading us into a full recovery going forward in the years to come.

Now, shall we look at the most commonly preferred immigration pathways that can get you to live and work in Canada in no time?

Express Entry System

The Express Entry is an online points-driven system that comprises three highly accommodating programs under the Express Entry umbrella. Express Entry is popular since it yields quick results, making it one of the most preferred immigration pathways.

Below are three immigration options under Express Entry:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Top Tip: You have to receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) before you can apply directly to the immigration programs. You should be thorough in the information you provide on your Express Entry profile as this will increase your chances of receiving an ITA.

We urge applicants to remain honest in the information they provide as failure in doing so will result in the rejection of their application.

The Express Entry Application

If you are thinking of settling in Canada, Express Entry is the way to apply for permanent residency. You must ensure the following to apply for permanent residence in Canada:

  • Secure an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) account and sign in.
  • You can find the Express Entry link to apply for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Double-check all information and ensure all forms are filled out correctly. Failure in doing so can cause a delay in processing times and your application will be sent back to you.

How Apply To the Express Entry Programs

Whether you plan to apply for permanent residency or settling in canada, below is the standard application process for all programs:

Step 1: Check If You’re Eligible to Apply (eligibility for entering Canada and eligibility for program criteria
Step 2: Check Your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS)
Step 3: Get the Relevant Documents In Order to Scan and Upload later
Step 4: Create Your Express Entry Profile And Fill It Out Thoroughly
Step 5: Receive An Invitation To Apply (ITA)
Step 6: Submit Your Completed Application

Note that applicants must fill in all fields correctly and refrain from omitting any fields on their application. We cannot stress enough the importance of being truthful in the information you provide and remember to supply the necessary supporting documents that validates the information on their application. If you do not adhere, this will result in a delay in processing times and your application will be returned to you.

If you are unsure about the application process, do not despair as you are not alone. Feel free to reach out to our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to guide you throughout your immigration journey.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

This is a province-specific program aimed at immigrants with the right skills set and skill level. In turn, foreign workers are selected based on the shortage of skills within the Canadian province.

With the right skills and experience for the job, you can get a successful nomination from the intended province. There are two methods to apply for the PNP through the Express Entry.

Option 1: Choose a Province

After conducting the necessary research, choose a province in Canada. Ensure that you researched factors such as employment opportunities, cost of living and safety and security. Thereafter, you can expect to get a nomination from the chosen province if you are successful. Thereafter, your application will be evaluated to check if you are eligible and you will be contacted for additional information.

Option 2: Create an Express Entry Profile

Your Express Entry profile which you created will indicate to the provinces/territories that you would like a nomination from them. You will be contacted via your Express Entry profile, informing you to apply through their stream. Your nomination will take place electronically through your account.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

This program is ideal if you’re seeking a job in Canada. Canadian employers will be maximizing the use of immigration programs, such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, when seeking out global talent. Immigrants who are able to fill the skill shortage in a province or territory stand a good chance at succeeding.

Under this program, your employer will need to obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which serves as proof that your employer is authorized to hire an immigrant as a temporary worker.

Immigrate from Australia to Canada Today

Bear in mind that the factors used to compare throughout this article are subject to change at any given point since a country’s social and economic state is never consistent. We have chosen the best results and factors to give you a full breakdown of the bigger picture - it is evident that both countries have their own distinctive features to celebrate. If you are a student who would like to immigrate to Canada, you may find studying in Canada vs Australia helpful here. Canada has over 100 immigration options and visas to choose from, tailored for your needs and circumstances.

If you are still uncertain about the way forward, then consider getting in touch with one of our regulated bodies for guidance and support today.


1. Why should I move to Canada?

Canada offers free universal healthcare, quality and affordable education from well-renowned learning institutions, and boasts a solid economy with an exceptional quality of life. The Great North also offers safety and security to its citizens with a quick responsive police force and a low crime rate. Why would you not want to move to Canada?

2. Is it easy to immigrate to Canada from Australia?

Yes, absolutely. Canada offers a wealth of immigration programs and visas to choose from - these programs are designed to accommodate different needs and circumstances of foreign nationals. The Express Entry would be the most commonly preferred pathway because it yields quick immigration results.

3. How long can Australians Stay Canada?

According to the official website of the Canadian government, visitors can stay up to six months. Depending on your situation and your admissibility to enter Canada, the border services officer may extend your stay.