Immigration News: New IRCC Strategy Attracts Global Talent to Fill Tech Jobs in Canada

July 11, 2023


  • Wesley Allan

This comes from Canada’s rapidly growing tech industry’s continued need for skilled tech workers to fill the growing number of job vacancies. This strategy affects multiple visa and immigration programs and creates a new pathway for digital nomads to live and work in Canada.

According to Fraser, these changes will revolutionize tech immigration to Canada.

New Tech Strategy For Immigration Canada

Here are how all of the changes work:

A New Dedicated Pathway for Permanent Residency for People with Stem Occupations

Continuing from introducing a new pathway for permanent residency tailored specifically for individuals in STEM occupations, this initiative emerges as an innovative stream under Canada's International Mobility Program.

The International Mobility Program, renowned for offering international workers the opportunity to procure a Canadian work permit without needing an LMIA, has broadened its horizons to cater to the specific needs of those in STEM-related fields.

This new stream, designed meticulously with these workers in mind, could manifest in two ways.

First, it has been proposed to grant five-year work permits for workers employed by companies that contribute to the Canadian government's industrial innovation goals.

The second option offered is open work permits - valid for up to five years - specifically crafted for highly skilled workers in select in-demand occupations.

GSS Work Permits Only Take Two Weeks

Canada's Global Skills Strategy helps employers attract top talent by providing faster application processing times, work permit exemptions, and enhanced customer service.

However, the pandemic had, no doubt, slowed things down, leading to extended wait times that were frustrating for employers and foreign workers alike.

The GSS's new strategy has changed this dynamic entirely. Processing has returned to its original time of only two weeks - a radical reduction that benefits everyone involved. Employers gain quicker access to skilled foreign workers, saving time and boosting productivity.

As a result, foreign workers are given an expedited path to life and jobs in Canada, opening up opportunities like never before.

Increased Quota and Changed eligibility Requirements for Start-Up visa Canada

The new strategy is set to significantly increase the quota and alter the eligibility requirements for Start-Up Visa Canada. This visa is a launching pad for foreign entrepreneurs, offering them a pathway to permanent residence if backed by a recognized Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor organization, or business incubator for their start-up.

Under this new strategy, the Start-Up Visa Canada program extends its invitation to 3500 applicants, a significant leap from the previous 1000.

The revised focus areas include an in-depth evaluation of whether a company has committed capital and received an endorsement from a trusted partner. This comprehensive approach ensures only high-potential, well-supported businesses are cut, contributing positively to Canada's economic landscape.

Open Work Permits Granted to Those Waiting for Start-Up Visa Canada

On top of this increased focus on granting international business owners a Start-Up Visa Canada, those waiting for a start-up visa will receive an open work permit for up to 3 years, allowing them and their families to live and work in Canada.

A New Digital Nomad Immigration Strategy

This initiative invites skilled tech individuals working with foreign employers to experience life in Canada and contribute to the country's thriving economy.

These digital nomads can live, work, and earn in Canada for up to six months. The underlying principle behind this strategy is to attract foreign nationals who can inject fresh funds into the Canadian economy by earning and spending within its borders.

If these digital nomads land a job offer in Canada, they can get a Canadian work permit to extend their stay indefinitely and continue contributing to the nation's workforce. This mutually beneficial strategy provides a golden opportunity for foreign workers while bolstering the Canadian economy.

10,000 H1-B visa Holders Allowed to Live and Work in Canada

To take advantage of the mass layoffs in the United States of America’s Tech industry, the Canadian government has created a stream allowing 10,000 H1-B US visa holders to live and work in Canada.

This gives a unique opportunity for recently laid-off workers in the United States to find gainful employment in Canada and helps the Canadian economy by bringing in 10,000 skilled tech workers.

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