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Canada is ranked as number 6 on the Forbes Best Countries for Business list. The Start-up Visa Program is a way for business owners or entrepreneurs to enter the market.

What is the Start up Visa Program?

Canada is ranked as number 6 on the Forbes Best Countries for Business list. As a business owner or entrepreneur, this is exactly the kind of market you would want to expand into. With the Start-up Visa program for immigrants wishing to bring their business to Canada, this is now possible.

With low corporate tax rates at 15%, a culture that accommodates immigrants so well and gaps in the labor market that creates opportunities for new businesses to flourish, it’s the right choice to make as a business owner from outside of Canada. In addition to this, the Start-up Visa Program is based on the support of local organizations and the Canadian government.

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The Start-up Visa Program is valid in all provinces of Canada except the province of Quebec, which has its own unique business immigration program.

You need to have a net worth of at least $300,000 to qualify through this program.

You need  to bring a business to Canada in which you already have proven  previous experience.