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A recent report shows that most immigrants earn more in Canada


Highly skilled immigrants, who work in Canada, earn more than Canadian locals. Don’t believe us? Prepare to be amazed, according to a report by the Canadian federal government obtained by The Canadian Press (CP) – this is exactly the case.


Many believe that immigrant life is difficult and filled with economic problems. However, in Canada, skilled immigrants are welcomed with open arms.


The report showed that soon after skilled immigrants began work in Canada they earned the same or more than the average Canadian.

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Earn more in Canada


Who can work in Canada?


The report refers to immigrants with high human capital. Basically, this means the education, language skills and work experience of a person. The report supports the idea that the higher you,r human capital is, the more you stand to earn.


Human capital is an important term to understand for those hoping to use the federal Express Entry to immigrate.


As of November 2016, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), began to award points under its Comprehensive Ranking System. Those with high human capital scores get awarded more points.

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Skilled immigrants earn more than Canadian locals


Education is key in Canada. People are often unhappy with their income, because  they think their skills are worth more. They think that the time and effort put into gaining skills should reflect high salaries. As we all know this is not always the case. In Canada however, immigrants have experienced a 13% higher rate of return on their skills than the Canadian born.


It is not just the skilled immigrants who are bringing in high salaries. The report also found that, as time goes on, immigrants of all classes make more money in Canada. Recently more and more economic class immigrants are landing managerial and professional positions.


These are the most in-demand jobs in Canada:


Work in Canada and feel at home

The report also shows that new Canadian citizens feel more at home in Canada. Surprisingly, new citizens feel more like they belong in Canada than those born in the country.

Ready to work in Canada?

If you are skilled worker who is unhappy with your salary, consider taking your skills to a place that truly appreciates you. As the report shows, to work in Canada means to earn more, even if you are not a highly skilled worker. Canada accepts immigrants and makes them feel welcome . Make Canada your new home and get what you deserve.|701 West Georgia Street Suite 1500|Vancouver B.C., Canada|V7Y 1C6 © Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved