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Skilled Workers leave to Canada with Express Entry

Vikram Rangnekar was a Software Engineer at LinkedIn Corp in Mumbai. Through this job, Rangnekar secured an H-1B,  a temporary visa for high skilled workers in America. However, he had dozens of senior colleagues from India who’d been waiting a decade or more for their green cards and who still didn’t have them, after all these years.


“Some said it’d take 20 years for my turn,” Rangnekar remembers. “Others calculated 50 years—which is basically never.”


Exploring Other (Better) Options With Express Entry


Rangnekar was young and had in-demand skills when he first applied. He did not want the uncertainty of a green-card to determine his and his young families future. So, Rangnekar researched and discovered Canada’s Express Entry system that could process a visa application in just six months.  


Thanks to Express Entry in the early fall of 2016, Rangnekar, his wife, and their two young boys migrated to Toronto, Canada.


Tech-Savvy Workers in Canada are Welcome

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Rangnekar now works in Canada as an engineer, an in-demand job in Canada .   Since then the Canadian government has poured money into many artificial intelligence research and facilities such as the MaRS Discovery District, a tech incubator whose startups have employed more than 6,000 people as of the end of 2016. With a surge in skilled job, Canada is widening its job searches across the ocean.


There’s work to be found in other Canadian cities, too. Montreal is home to Google’s AI research lab. The e-commerce giant Shopify Inc. is based in Ottawa, and the social media manager Hootsuite Inc. is situated in Vancouver. While the online giant, Amazon, aims to open its doors in Canada due to stricter immigration policies from its headquarters in the US.  


 Express Entry ‘Trumps’ America’s H-1B

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About America’s H-1B Immigration Program

About Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Stream



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