Canada is a country filled with opportunities and is home to people from diverse multicultural backgrounds from across the world. Known for its cultural and environmental diversity, Canada has one of the most vibrant economies in the world and this has contributed to the continuous growth of the employment sector. With employment opportunities and quality of life at an all-time high, Canada has become the undisputed land of possibilities, making it the most sought after destination for skilled workers from across the world.

The Canadian government is looking for skilled and experienced workers to join their booming economy, with plans to welcome 300 000 immigrants each year.

These skilled workers are given an opportunity to settle in Canada permanently if they are successful in their application through the various Skilled Worker immigration programs. Skilled workers in Canada are issued with a Canadian immigration permanent resident visa enabling them to immigrate with their Family.

Skilled workers have an array of immigration opportunities available to them, such as the Federal Skilled Worker program, Quebec Skilled Worker program, and the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Through the Skilled Worker Programs, Canadian provinces are looking for young, self-motivated, professional and well-educated skilled workers to join their labor force and contribute to the growth of the economy. With the increasingly growing economy, Canada is seeking job-ready professionals who can fulfill the requirements and quickly adapt to the rapidly changing global economic environment. The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa is the perfect reward for all the hard working skilled workers and professionals seeking to live the quality life that Canada has to offer.

Employment opportunities

The Canadian immigration authorities are continuously looking for ways to make the application process for the Skilled Worker Visa as simple and hassle free as possible to ensure that the best experienced and professional workers are given this life-changing opportunity. The focus has mainly shifted to choosing skilled workers and professionals with flexible and manageable skills who will be able to contribute significantly to the economy both in the short and long term. Work experience and proficiency in English or French, coupled with the relevant skills provides a great chance to be accepted into the Skilled Worker Programs.

The unemployment rate in Canada is one of the lowest in the world, and the Canadian government offers fast-track Express Entry Program, and Provincial Nominee Programs linked to the Express Entry streams in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

Canada also offers Federal Skilled Worker Programs and Provincial Nominee Programs in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and many others.

Experienced professionals are in high demand

Immigration to Canada provides a great opportunity for individuals who have the required qualifications and experience in a variety of professional occupations.

Some of the professionals whose skills and experience are in high demand in Canada include Engineers (Civil, Software, and Petroleum), Bankers, Technicians, Teachers, Nurses, Health Care workers, Professors and Lectures, Insurance Brokers, Sales and Marketing experts, and Tradespersons just to mention a few.

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