Potential immigrants can be nominated through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This program offers immigrants an opportunity to settle in a particular Canadian province that is looking for their set of skills, education, and work experience. Each Canadian province and territory have their own Provincial Nominee Programs while Quebec has its own unique immigration selection system.
Provincial Nominee Programs were introduced to help provinces and territories to efficiently and effectively integrate newcomers and help them settle in Canada quickly. PNPs also enable the provinces and territories to select nominees who will meet their unique needs in terms of the economy and their settlement in the various communities. Effective from 2015, most of the PNPs have at least one immigration category that is aligned to the Express Entry immigration system. Most of the provinces have an agreement with the Canadian government that allows them to manage and have direct control in selecting immigrants who want to settle in that particular province. The province will consider the applications based on their immigration needs and the applicant’s genuine intention of residing in the province.
Before applying for immigration to Canada, applicants must complete the provincial nominee process. Once they have been nominated by the province, the applicants can make a separate application through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence. A CIC officer will subsequently assess the applicant’s application based on the Canadian immigration regulations. Most of the PNPs were created to attract people with degrees, diplomas and trades qualifications who will help fill labor force shortages among the province’s employers. Many PNP applicants require an employer in that particular province or territory to legally support their application. PNPs also have their own business immigration programs that are designed to attract people with business backgrounds and sufficient capital to invest in the province.

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