Immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada

Immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada

March 19, 2021


  • Robynn Farrell

Saskatchewan has one of the most diverse economies in Canada and is fondly known as Canada's breadbasket. Why? It produces about 28 percent of our grain and more than 54 percent of our wheat crop, but this is not all this charming province is known for. Besides having booming forestry, real estate and financial, housing development and construction, natural gas as well as wholesale and retail sectors it is also known for its affordable yet high quality of life, fantastic job opportunities, picturesque landscapes, and pleasant weather.  

Fondly dubbed by local Saskachewanians as the Land of the Living Skies, which seemingly comes to life with vivid hues and rolling clouds, one thing is certain; nothing quite beats a Saskatchewan sunset. Interested in finding out how to immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada? Let's take a closer look at why Saskatchewan is fast becoming one of the most popular immigration destinations and how you can join the thousands of immigrants who are flocking to this beautiful prairie province.   

Why Saskatchewan?

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1. Job Opportunities

With Saskatchewan’s growing economy, the province is struggling to meet the demand of its labour market. In fact, Saskatchewan has so many in-demand occupations that it has a list of occupations that do not qualify instead of a list of occupations that do! There are currently over 4,300 jobs available in Saskatchewan which are open to both local and skilled foreign workers alike, with very attractive salaries. 

2. Great Earning Potential

As mentioned earlier, some of the salaries offered in Saskatchewan are very attractive. According to, the average annual salary in Saskatchewan is marginally higher, at $51,120, than the national average of $50,892. This, of course, depends on which industry you work in, your level of qualification and work experience.  

3. Affordable Cost of Living

Saskatchewan is also an extremely affordable place to live in Canada. For example, the national average price to rent a one-bedroom apartment can range anywhere between $1,330 (in the city center) to $1,096 (outside the city center), whereas in Saskatchewan you can expect to pay about $1,112 (in the city center) to $890 (outside the city center). Another great part about living in Canada, in general, is that it makes it more affordable to eat healthily. Based on 2020 food price forecasts, vegetables and fruit prices are set to increase by 1.5% to 4% whereas meat is set to increase by 4 to 6%. Yet another great initiative by the Canadian government to help its citizens and permanent residents live a higher quality of life. Below is an average price comparison according to    
Average Cost of Living Comparison
Expense Average Cost Canada(CAD) Average Cost Saskatchewan(CAD)
Rent (1 bedroom Apartment) $1,330 - $1,096 $1,112 - $890
Buy (1 bedroom Apartment per square meter) $1,330 - $1,096 $2,788 - $4,587
Childcare - Full Day Monthly (kindergarten) $979 $791
Utilities (Basic + Mobile + Internet) $235 $329
Transportation (Monthly pass vs Gas per liter) $97 vs $1.15 $83 vs $1.15
Groceries per week (family of 4) $375 $247

4. Supportive Community

The Saskatchewan community is one the best to belong to in Canada, especially as a foreign immigrant. The demographics of the Saskatchewan population are derived from locations all across the globe, particularly China, South and South-East Asian, Filipino, Latin America, and Arab, among others. There is not only a range of resources for new families in the province in the form of family resource center programs. These services and programs are not only free of charge but will help you settle into life in Saskatchewan, Canada through Regional Newcomer Gateways, labour market and settlement advisor services, and English Language training.

5. Small Business Opportunities

Saskatchewan is a great place to start or invest in a small business. Not only are there various opportunities but you can enjoy low business costs. There are also various resources for small business owners in Saskatchewan such as the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry, Square One, BizPal(Business Permits and License), and Canada Business Network. Sectors that are prominent in the Saskatchewan small business sector include: 
  • Childcare - as the population grows so does the need for childcare;
  • Food & Beverage - restaurants, catering, or food trucks;
  • Construction and Development - there are sufficient projects which accommodate both big and small scale construction companies;
  • Manufacturing - tax credit and reduction incentives;
  • Tech Start-up - 45% tax credit for investors of eligible tech start-up businesses;
  • Agriculture - tax rebates, funding, and incentive programs such as Product2Market.

Top 3 Ways to Immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada

James MacDonald Bridge over Saskatchewan River Edmonton | immigrate to Canada With over 100 economic immigration options, finding the best one for you can be challenging, but by narrowing down your destination, in this case choosing Saskatchewan will help to narrow down your choices and make the whole process of applying to immigrate to Canada that much simpler.

1. Express Entry

The Express Entry system is not only the most popular way to move to Canada but also one of the quickest, processing applications in as little as 6 months! To qualify you will need to meet certain requirements regarding your age, education or qualification, language ability, as well as your ability to adapt to life in Canada. You will be awarded points in these categories and your total score will be ranked against that of other applicants. Those with the highest scores will be invited to apply for permanent residence. Saskatchewan’s Express Entry linked program known as the International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry Program falls under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). What does this mean? Faster processing and better accessibility. It also allows the provincial government to select your profile from the Express Entry draw pool and nominate you to apply for permanent residency. Please note that you will have to ensure that your occupation does not fall on the SINP Excluded Occupation List in order to qualify.

2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has various categories that you can apply to in order to immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada, namely:
  • The International Skilled Worker Category - for first-time applicants who want to live and work in Saskatchewan;
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category - for those who have already lived and worked in Saskatchewan; and
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category - for newcomers who want to start an agricultural business in Saskatchewan.
Processing time varies depending on which category and subcategory you apply through and can range anywhere from 2 to 34 weeks. The best part about applying through the SINP is that it allows you to apply online and if you receive a Provincial Nomination (PN) you will receive an extra 600 points which will give you a boost when your profile is ranked against other applicants.

3. Rural & Northern Immigration Program

The Rural and Northern immigration Pilot allows you to apply to immigrate to a specific community in either Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan. At the moment, there is only one participating community in Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw. Although the community program has yet to launch, you may want to consider applying for a job in this cozy community. There are various jobs available, particularly for experienced home support workers, nurses, truck drivers, sales managers, pharmacists, sales reps, administrative assistants, construction workers, food and beverage servers, cooks as well as trade workers such as plumbers, welders, mechanics, and roofers. To be considered eligible you will need to meet the language, educational, and work experience requirements as well as have a full-time job offer in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

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