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The Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories are seen as the last untouched frontier left on earth. Desolate and completely at peace, the Northwest Territories of Canada is like heaven for the simple man. With a population of only 44,541 people and an area five times as large as the United Kingdom, the Northwest Territories is one of the few places left in the world that can still take your breath away with its iconic and untouched beauty. 

Surrounded by forests and tundra, the Northwest Territories is a hardy place for people that don’t mind getting down and dirty. The open spaces and majestic beauty is unspoiled by pollution and noise like the concrete jungles of other provinces.

Famous Sights in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories in Canada are home to some of the most magical sights, like majestic falls, mountain ranges formed 300-400 million years ago and the Aurora Borealis.

If you prefer to get your blood pumping out in nature then you must visit Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada. This expansive and rugged national park is well known for its white-water river and diverse wildlife. Get the family involved and you can do some hiking and camping in the area soaking up nature the way it was intended.

Chase down one of the most majestic beasts in Canada, the Bison. The Northwest Territories is home to Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada. It is the largest national park in Canada with Bison and plenty of campsites and trails to keep you inspired.

Immigrate to the Northwest Territories

If you’re looking to make the Northwest Territories your new home, then you need to be sure to select the correct immigration stream. The Northwest Territories operates through 4 streams, these are the Express Entry Stream, Skilled Workers Program, Critical Impact Worker Program and the Business Stream.

Northwest Territories Immigrant Nominee Program
Express Entry Stream The Northwest Territories’ Express Entry stream is for foreign nationals who have been accepted into the Express Entry Pool. 
Skilled Workers Program


For this stream, the employee must have the required certification or accreditation for the specific trade or occupation. 
Critical Impact Worker Program   To qualify for this stream you must have a temporary work permit and have worked in the same position for six months.
Business Stream The Business Stream targets individuals who would like to start their own business or operate and invest in an already established business in the Northwest Territories.

How We Can Help

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About the Northwest Territories

Capital City:
Average Salary:
$50,618 / year
Unemployment rate:
Average living expenses:
$1,585 / month
Average  price of a house:
44 541
Top Industries:
Mining and Oil and gas exploration.
Average Temperatures:
Summer average high of 25°C
Winter average low of -40°C