In 2018 It Is Easier to Immigrate to Canada


2018 seems to be the year to immigrate to Canada. The latest draw for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores has, once again, reached a record-breaking low in 2018. This announcement is a blessing for anyone who wishes to live and work in Canada. If you are not excited by the news, read more to find out what this means for you!


The latest CRS draw held on the 25th of April reached a new low at 441. This is 3 points lower than the previous low of the 11th of April. Basically, this means that it is becoming easier and easier to immigrate to Canada. If this trend continues we may see even lower CRS minimums in the coming draws.


Following this new cut off, 3,500 Express Entry candidates were invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.  This is just as many invitations as the previous record draw of 2018.


This is not surprising seeing as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is increasing the number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in order to meet the high target of 2018.


According to the Government of Canada’s new multi-year immigration levels plan for 2018-2020, the target for 2018 is 74,900 admissions through the Express Entry System. This is why we are are seeing lower cut-offs for CRS scores. Canada wants and needs more immigrants.  

What is the tie-break rule?

Once again the tie-break rule was used in 2018. This rule is used to determine who, of all the lowest CRS scoring candidates, receives an ITA.

The rule looks at the date and time when a candidate’s profile is entered into the Express Entry pool. It is quite simple to understand.  If your profile was submitted earlier, then you will receive an ITA rather than people with the same CRS who entered the pool later.

For the previous round, the date and time used was December 8, 2017, at 10:25:33 UTC. This means that everyone with a CRS score of 441 who submitted their profile before or at that time received an ITA.


Name CRS Score Date and Time of Submission ITA
Sarah 441 13 November, 10:00 Invitation to apply
Jack 441 1 December, 12:00 Invitation to apply
Ben 441 9 December, 9:00 Stays in pool


In the example above, Sarah and Jack received an ITA and Ben’s application stayed in the Express Entry pool.


It is important to remember that edits or updates to your profile will not affect the time of the date of your submission. If you delete your profile and submit a new one, your date and time of submission will also change.


Improving Your CRS Score

Though date and time of submission is important for the purposes of the tie-breaker rule. Remember that your CRS score is still the most important factor in order to succeed with your immigration to Canada.


To stand the best chance of being selected you need to keep your CRS score as high as possible. Your CRS score is based on your:


If you focus on improving some of these factors, your CRS score will surely rise.

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Improve your CRS score if you want to live and work in Canada



Immigrate to Canada by Express Entry Now

Get your application into the Express Pool now, while Canada lowers their minimum CRS scores. According to this recent draw, it has never been easier to immigrate to Canada. Do not pass on this chance to make your Canadian dream come true.

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