The Spousal Visa allows applicants that are married to a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, the unique opportunity of being sponsored along with their dependent children. The applicant and their spouse must be married and show the genuine and continuous nature of their relationship, intending to live together once they arrive in Canada.

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is 18 years old or above and is living in Canada may be eligible to sponsor their spouse (same or opposite sex) and any dependent children for permanent residency in Canada.

Basic requirements

  • A sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of at least 18 years of age and must be ready to provide financial support for their spouse for three years and for any dependent children for up to ten years.
  • A spouse must be legally married to their sponsor in either same-sex or opposite-sex marriage, which is legally recognized in Canadian law and the laws of their country of origin where the marriage occurred.
  • Both the sponsor and spouse must meet further requirements to apply for permanent residence and must undergo medical and character checks.


  • A spouse or any dependent children who have been granted permanent residency under the Spousal Visa Program will have the right to live, work and study in Canada indefinitely.
  • Access to Canada’s unique government-funded health care, subsidized education, and language training programs.

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