The main aim of Canada’s business immigration program is to promote economic development and employment opportunities. The Canadian government seeks to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons from foreign countries who have the business and entrepreneurial skills needed in Canada.

Canada welcomes successful business people who are seeking new opportunities, challenges, and who are familiar with foreign markets, special requirements, and customs as Canada also seeks to develop new commercial opportunities through these foreign markets.

The successful business individuals who have managerial experience and a sufficient net worth can apply for Canadian Immigration (permanent residence) visa through one of the Canadian business Immigration Programs under any of the following three sub-categories:

  • Entrepreneur Start-up Visa Program
  • Self-Employed Persons Program
  • Immigrant Investor Program

There are other unique business immigration programs that are run through the Provincial Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur Immigration stream, and these include:

BC PNP – Entrepreneur Immigration

The British Columbia provincial Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur Immigration system was created for experienced business individuals who would like to start a business in BC.

Some of the requirements for this business immigration program include:

  • The individual should have a net worth of $600,000
  • Demonstrate business and management experience
  • Intends to establish a new business or purchase and improve an existing business
  • Make a legitimate personal investment of $200,000 in the business
  • Create at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the business

Quebec Business Investor Immigration

The Quebec Business Investor Immigration Program requires that applicants demonstrate that they are capable of becoming economically established in Canada with intentions of settling in Quebec after acceptance.

The Quebec Business Investor Immigration Program has three separate categories with their own specific requirements, these are:

  • Quebec Investor Program – To qualify for this category, the individual must have a net worth of at least CAD $1.6 million, management experience and must be ready to invest CAD $800,000 within five years.
  • Quebec Entrepreneur program – For qualification, the individual must have a net worth of CAD $300,000, managerial experience and must be ready to create or acquire a business in Quebec.
  • Quebec Self-Employed Person Program – The individual must have a net worth of CAD $100,000 and must have the necessary work experience in the profession or trade that they intend to practice in in Quebec.

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