When checking off destinations on your travel bucket list you may or may not have considered adding The Great White North, yet you have asked yourself “Why Canada?”

As the second largest country in the world, spanning over 6 time zones, Canada offers an array of activities and experiences that are simply unparalleled. Imagine bustling multicultural cities set against the backdrop of towering snow-covered mountains, bounteous lakes, endless landscapes and jagged coastlines. Ready to plan your trip to Canada but aren’t sure if you need a visa or how to go about applying for it? We’ve compiled an ultimate travel checklist to help make the process just a little easier.

But, before your book that flight, let's take a look at everything you’ll need in order to apply for your travel visa.

How Do I Know If I Need a Travel Visa?

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Most countries require that you have a travel visa and Canada is no different. Anyone who enters Canada by land or sea will require a travel visa. This includes driving from the U.S., travelling by plane, bus, train or boat, as well as by cruise ship. Whether or not you need a travel visa depends on:

  • the type of travel document you’ll be travelling with;
  • the country that issued your travel document;
  • your nationality; and
  • your method of travel to Canada.

Certain travellers are exempt:

  • Foreign nationals with official Canadian documents;
  • Foreign nationals who are French citizens in Saint Pierre and Miquelon flying directly from these destinations;
  • Foreign nationals flying to or from the U.S. and stops in Canada to refuel;
  • Foreign nationals on a flight that makes an unscheduled stop in Canada;
  • Foreign nationals in transit through a Canadian airport via the Transit Without Visa Program; and
  • Travel or official representatives ie. flight crew, aviation inspectors, members of the Armed Forces or diplomats)

The easiest way to determine whether or not you require a travel visa is to speak to someone who is not only knowledgeable about the process but is certified by the Canadian government and the ICCRC to assist with visa applications.

These accredited agents are known as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCICs. You can easily find out if your consultant is registered with the ICCRC by requesting their RCIC code and visiting the website and inserting it on their “Find an Immigration Professional” page. We strongly recommend using an accredited service to avoid any disappointment of having your visa rejected due to error or using an unregistered agency who does not fulfill their end of the deal.

For tips on how to protect yourself against immigration and visa application fraud visit our blog here.

What Do I Need?

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Besides having your flight tickets and travel itinerary sorted, it is important that you first check to see if you meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for a travel visa:

Eligibility Checklist
Valid travel document eg. a passport
Be in good health
No criminal or immigration-related convictions
Proof that you intend to return to your home country eg. job, home, financial assets
Sufficient funds for your visit(this depends on your length of stay and where you will be staying, ie. hotel, with friends or relatives)

It is also important to note that the type of travel visa you will be requiring depends on how many times you plan on entering the country and for how long you will be staying in the country.

If you plan to enter Canada once you will need to apply for a single entry visa.

If you plan to enter Canada more than once on your upcoming trip, you will need to apply for a multiple entry visa. This visa allows you to enter and leave Canada as many times as you like for up to 6 months and is valid for up to 10 years or one month before your passport expires.

Please note that if you are transiting through Canada and your layover is longer than 48hours you will need a travel/visitor visa.

If you are connecting between 2 international flights or your flight stops at a Canadian airport and your transit is less than 48 hours, you will only need a transit visa, which is free.

Next, you will need to ensure that you have the following ready for your application:

Canada Tourist Visa Document Checklist
Temporary Resident Visa Application Form
Use of Representative Form(if using an RCIC or agency)
Family Information Form
Document Checklist
Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union Form
Authority to release personal information to a designated individual Form
Original Passport
Financial statements
Employment proof ad pay slips
Income tax returns
Hotel booking or accommodation details for entire length of stay
Flight reservation of return or round ticket
3 photographs meeting Canadian Immigration standards
NOC (Government employees only)
Retirement letter and pension related documents(if applicable)
Marriage certificate(if applicable)
Employment proof ad pay slips
Employment proof ad pay slips

If your have been invited or are being sponsored by a Canadian citizen you will be required to supply the following documents:

Inviter/Sponsor Document Checklist
Passport(first and last pages)
Resident permit card
Invitation letter
Payslips and bank statement(if sponsoring)
6 months bank statements till date showing sufficient funds

Please note that, as per the Canadian government, Venezualans may have to complete extra steps when filling out the application form.

Why Use a Representative

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With all of these forms and documentation that the Canadian government requires for your application to apply for a travel visa you may be asking yourself again, “Why Canada?” and is it actually worth the effort?

That's why we’re here - by using an accredited RCIC it will not only speed up the application process but you will significantly increase your chances of success. We make the visa application process effortless by reviewing all documentation to ensure that it is completed correctly. We are also authorized to submit your application to the Canadian government on your behalf. We take care of your application through every step of the process until you have received your visa, which means that you can rest assured that your application will be in good hands and focus on planning your itinerary or making your travel arrangements.

Using an RCIC not only saves you time but money too. The Canadian government has a no refund policy for travel visa applications, regardless of the final decision, which means that even if there is just one mistake on your application form or you are missing any documentation you will forfeit your application fee. So why take the risk when you use a knowledgeable service that will make sure that everything is completed as per the Canadian government’s specifications?

Our Service

Let's face it, your time could be better spent than fussing over visa applications and going back and forth between the Canadian government. Why risk having your application rejected due to a technicality. If you want to travel to Canada without the stress of visa applications, then look now further. Our 3 Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are all experts in the field of Canadian visa policies and will assist you through the entire assessment and application process. A personalized package will then be created and tailored to meet your specific travel requirements. We also ensure that all administration is taken care of and that all documents are submitted in a timeous manner.

Contact us today and start your journey to Canada with MDC.