41, 800 people have been issued Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence through the Express Entry (EE) system in 2019 so far. We predicted that 2019 will be a stellar year for the EE systems and it seems we have been spot on. 2018 was a record breaking year for the immigration system and 2019 has already outperformed the previous year with the largest Canadian immigration quota ever. We expect great things coming in the following months and we are sure the coming draws won’t disappoint.

If you want to get to Canada quickly, the EE system is for you. Find out how you can get your Canada visa application processed through this system right here. In this article we will also look at the previous draws held throughout the year to get an understanding of the kind of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score that you’ll need to secure your own ITA in 2019. But first, let’s have a look at what Express Entry really is.

What is the Express Entry System?

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The EE system was created in order to address Canada’s increasing need of skilled workers. Like many developed nations, Canada is experiencing a diminishing population growth rate, which spells bad news for their economy. In order to keep their economy booming, they need more skilled workers and have thus turned to immigration. The problem with most immigration systems are that applications just take too long to be processed. Canada needed foreign workers fast and hence created an expedited route to Canada called Express Entry.

In order to get your application processed through this system, you will have to qualify for one of the three Federal Economic Immigration programs, namely, the Skilled Worker Program, Skilled Trades Program or the Canadian Experience Class. You will also have to create a seperate online Express Entry profile. Once you have completed this step, your profile will be assigned a CRS score out of a possible 1, 200. This score is used to rank your profile against others in the Federal Express Entry pool.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada holds regular draws from this pool of candidates issuing ITAs to apply for permanent residence to profiles with the highest CRS scores. If you received an ITA, you will have 60 days to complete your application which will be processed in under six months. If you did not get an ITA, your profile will remain in the Express Entry pool where it will be considered for the coming draws for a year. For this reason, you must make sure to continually update your EE profile so that your CRS score is as high as it can possibly be. Find out what kind of CRS scores will get you issued an ITA below.

2019 Draws so Far


There were three draws held in January with CRS scores of 449, 443, and 438 respectively. The drop in minimum CRS scores can be attributed to the fact that 13 days passed between the first two draws and only seven days between the last two. When there is less time between draws, there is less time for the Express Entry pool to replenish with high scoring candidates.


There was only one draw held in February and 3,350 candidates were invited. It was held on the 20th and the minimum CRS cut off score was 457.


March held two draws each inviting 3,350 candidates with CRS cut-off scores of 454 and 452 respectively. Together the draws invited 6, 700 candidates for permanent residence, 700 more than the previous year.


April followed March with two draws and both of these draws had minimum cut off scores of 451.


May changed up this pattern holding three draws! The first draw held on 2 May and the final draw held on 30 May were both typical EE draws with cut off scores of 450 and 470 respectively; however, the second draw, held on 15 May, only selected candidates who qualified for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Together these three draws issued a total of 7, 200 ITAs.


June held two draws each inviting 3, 350 candidates for permanent residence with respective cut off scores of 465 and 462.

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