Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces and consists of the main island, and 231 smaller, mostly uninhabited islands. It has a land mass of 5660 kilometers, and a population of a little more than 140,000, making it the smallest, and least populated province. The island was named after Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and Strathearn (1767-1820), the 4th son of King George III, and the father of Queen Victoria.

The main island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 200 kilometers north of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and 600 kilometers east of Quèbec City. The island only has two significant urban areas, the capital city of Charlottetown and its suburbs, and the harbor of Summerside. The rest of the island is rolling hills, sandy beaches, and woods.

The climate is subarctic maritime, with moderately cold winters, and warm, wet summers. Winter storms and blizzards are common, and rainfall is abundant throughout spring, summer and fall, making it ideal for agriculture.


The majority of the population is descended from the British Isles (Scottish, Irish, and English), with a small number of French Acadian descendants (21%), German and Dutch (8%) and a very small minority (1%). The official language is predictably English. The lifestyle on Prince Edward Island is old-fashioned, very slow and laid-back.


Aside from some tourism, Price Edward Islands economy is almost entirely based on agriculture, supplying a quarter of the country’s potato crops. During the 19th century, the island became famous for being a leisure resort for British nobility and the upper-class. The island has remained a sparsely populated, mostly agricultural province, with a small fishery industry. The island provides many interesting job opportunities for immigrants from agriculture to tourism. As a whole, it is a very welcoming and diverse place.


Outside of the public primary and secondary school system, there are few post-secondary institutions on the island. There is 1 university, 1 Bible College, and 1 Community College, all considered excellent in their relative fields. Considering the fact it is an island, there’s enough to satisfy almost any academic interesting at a good and decent level.


There are few attractions on Prince Edward Island. Most activities and facilities are for local appeal, rather than tourism. There is an annual Arts festival in Charlottetown, and an annual Jazz festival featuring local musicians. Obviously, since it is an island, water sports are very popular. There is a small sport-fishing fleet, specializing in deep-sea fishing, and some charters are available. Its relatively small size makes it very easy to explore by car or bike, in particular, the Confederation Trail is the world’s most popular cycling destination.

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