The Northwest Territories is one of three geopolitical areas in Northern Canada covering an area of 1,348,106 square kilometers with a population of just over 41,000. The capital city is Yellowknife. It is bordered by the Yukon Territory to the west, on the east by Nunavut, the Arctic Ocean to the north, British Columbia to the southwest, Alberta and Saskatchewan to the south, and Manitoba to the southeast. The geography is varied, with boreal forests in the south. The northern half is above the Arctic Tree Line and Polar. The terrain is mountainous. Summers are short and cool, while winters are long and harsh. Like Nunavut, around 25% of the Northwest Territories is above the Arctic Circle.


The majority of the population nearly 50% is aboriginal. The rest is English, French, Irish, Scottish and German, with a small number of immigrants from other areas of the world. English is the official language, but 14 others are recognized and spoken. The major religion is Catholic with 43%, 14% claim No Religion, and the rest are Protestant. The demographic is relatively varied, and immigrants can easily fit in.


Currently, the economy is based on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas, and mining of gold and diamonds. The land is rich in resources, and therefore mining is one of the major works conducted in this region. As a whole, immigrations enjoy various possibilities when it comes to job opportunities, mostly related to the mining field, but not limited to. Other options have to do with transport and delivery, the jewelry industry, trade, and more.


There are only two colleges in the Northwest Territories, Aurora College, and the Academy of Learning College. They both offer limited programs, mostly in accounting, information technology, business and office administration. For those interested in studying business management on its various aspects, the Northwest Territories is considered as a great academic opportunity with various interesting programs.


Like other territories, the main attractions are outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hunting mountain climbing, dog-sledding, and wildlife viewing. There are a few parks and sanctuaries which offer visitors with relaxation and great atmosphere, which is a great way to end the day and especially during the summer holidays . The sports activities are also varied, and provide citizens with fun activities and amazing leisure life.

Wildlife viewing is very popular and world renowned in the Northwest Territories, Nahanni National Park, has also become a big tourist attraction in the region. Here visitors can gear up to some canoeing, hiking, snowballing, rock climbing. Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories is the main city center in the region and is the best place for visitors to start their adventures, with a variety of international standard restaurants, bars, and malls. Another attraction in this part of north Canada is the long summer days of the ‘Midnight Sun’, and the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights that can be seen in the night sky from August till late January.

As throughout Canada, life is quiet and comfortable, and it is a wonderful region to consider your new home in.

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