Canada is usually referred to as a cultural heaven, built by a society that celebrates and respects the different cultures of people from all across the world. It is no surprise that Canada has one of the world’s highest levels of immigration, with many new immigrants attracted to the employment opportunities, quality health services, education and the peaceful and vibrant cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Bordering the United States and occupying most of North America, Canada is the second largest land mass in the world. Because of its relatively low population, new immigrants to the country can expect lots of open spaces and beautiful landscapes in all ten provinces and three territories. Some of the benefits of living in Canada include;

Social and Economic Benefits

There are a variety of social and economic benefits accessible in Canada, especially for those that are struggling to find a job or to care for their families. These benefits include child grants, temporary employment, free education as well as free medical services.

Quality of Life

Since 2007, Canada has consistently been ranked in the top 5 of countries with a considerably high level of quality of life. Regardless of whether winter months seem to last forever, Canadians still find ways to be happy and entertain themselves during these cold seasons. It is no surprise that Ice Hockey is the National sport in the country. Canada is also a relatively safe country with crime rates at record low levels and gun violence is nearly non-existent.

People of Canada

Canadians are friendly and welcoming people, especially in the rural and provincial areas. The majority of Canadians are very tolerant and follow what can only be described as a live-and-let-live philosophy with respect to people’s different cultures and way of life. There is often a sense of duty and togetherness in the communities, towns, and cities across the country. Toronto and Vancouver are Canada’s most diverse and multicultural cities. They are rich in cultural and artistic activities and their restaurants offer many of the world’s cuisines.

Employment Opportunities

In the last few years, Canada’s agricultural and mineral exports have performed remarkably in world markets. This has helped grow the economy throughout the country with many of the regions benefitting. The recent success of the economy has had a positive effect on job availability with many industries and companies hiring employees both from the local and international sectors, mainly in jobs in the manufacturing, mining, health and technological industries just to mention a few. The growing economy has also brought a rise in wages and general welfare of workers, so much so that, Canada’s average wages are higher than those in the UK, USA and parts of Europe.

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