From skilled trades, mobile app developers, nursing professionals, to construction managers Canada has a booming employment industry that is seeking to employ vibrant young and experienced professionals. In a recent survey by Workaholics, 67% of the Canadian executives interviewed stated that they are looking to find candidates that have the right attitude, work ethic, communication skills and teamwork abilities.

Some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada include:

1. Financial Managers and Accountants

Demand for money managers with attention to detail abilities is on the rise, these are professionals who have knowledge of the complexities of financial management. Those with a knowledge of international finance procedures and are fluent in a foreign language will also have an added advantage.

2. Skilled Trades

This is an opportunity for people that don’t particularly like office jobs but are still looking to earn more than the Canadian average salary. Canada is experiencing a general shortage of people in positions like chefs, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, industrial mechanics and automotive service technicians.

It is anticipated that in the next 20 years, Canada will have 40 % of new job opportunities in skilled trades and technology.

3. Software and Mobile App Developers

Many professions now rely on some type of technology and software. Almost every company and organization in Canada relies on technology and there is a need for someone with the required skills to be designing and updating the software. A lot of the companies hire external help to develop mobile apps for their customers and tailor made software for their particular needs.

Unlike the other in-demand jobs with openings due to retirement, this is a particularly young industry and jobs are available all the time, mobile app developers in Canada can earn up to CAN $91,000 a year.

4. Nurses

With Canada’s aging population means Registered Nurses are some of the most in-demand professionals in Canada. Demand for Nurses in Canada is expected to continue growing well into the year 2020 and possibly beyond, as the industry is growing than most other in-demand jobs.

5. Construction Managers

Be it in Industrial or residential sectors, Construction Managers are needed to oversee planning, and manage all the construction projects and make sure they are on schedule and meet the various industry quality specifications.

Many construction managers generally start off in a hands-on building job or in a related skilled trade job such as carpentry. Experienced Construction Managers in Canada are able to earn over CAN $90,000 annually.

6. Psychologists, Social Workers, and Councilors

For those who are up to the unique challenge of listening and dealing with difficult situations or helping people navigate through life and their personal problems, this is the perfect industry for you.

Right now this sector has a very low unemployment rate, so the prospects of getting a job are high. In the long run, things are expected to get better with the Human resources and Skills Development Canada for casting that by 2020 the industry will have more job openings than job seekers and better yet the wages are going to get ever higher.

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